3 No-Fail Looks to Finish Your Summer

I understand not everyone has the pleasure of the heat and humidity we have down here in Houston. But wherever you are, I’m sure your summer feels (felt? don’t tell me your summer is over) hot to you (you’re so cute). I require comfort when I am going to be out in the summer heat, but I also require a put-together look. I’ve been checking out what all y’all have been wearing this summer and discovered three looks that never fail. Do you wear any of these combos?

1) Black Maxi Dress + Sandals

Doesn’t matter what the sandals look like, this look always wins. No matter your size or shape, you can do this look. Personalize it by adding a colorful summer scarf, a statement necklace, a chambray shirt, or some combination of those.

2) White Shorts + Colorful Top

A solid top or a fun print will work against white shorts, just add color. You can do this look with a sandal, a flat, or a slip-on sneaker. Not the best with your actual gym shoes, though… You should get dressed on purpose AND work out on purpose – your workout shoes should not be your casual shoes.

3) Floral dress

This can be a subtle print or a large, loud one. A sundress or a shirtdress. Fitted or flowing. Pair it with flat sandals or a wedge and you are good to go.


3 No-Fail End of Summer Looks


Has it cooled off for you where you live? First, don’t actually answer that question (the heat index is 110 in Houston this week) and second, just add a layer to any of these looks. A chambray shirt is always a winner, but switch that to a denim jacket if you need more structure or warmth. And don’t forget about scarves – add both if it’s really chilly where you are (just don’t tell me about it right now as I’m sweating).

The thing I really don’t want you to forget with any of these looks is earrings or bracelets. Obviously necklaces can work, too, but if sweating is an issue for you right now you can just do a fabulous earring with some great bracelets to pull your look together. Another tip? As you shop for your kids’ back-to-school things, look at the clearance rack in your own department for some of these pieces. For example, floral will be trending into the fall and dresses can be worn with tights, boots, or pants. It’s not too late to get those summer looks you’ve been eyeing, even if your summer is over.


  1. I love maxi dresses and chambray! Two of my favorites!
    Returning the love from SITSblogging:)

    • Hi! Yes, I think I could wear a maxi dress and/or a chambray shirt every day and be fine with that. 🙂