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No One Likes an Empty Roll

This post is sponsored by Angel Soft.

Picture this: a typical day at home with the kids. You’re putting groceries away, starting a load of laundry, putting dresses on baby dolls, doling out snacks, oh-so-patiently listening to a suddenly sweet child recounting the funny thing the cat did. But really all you want to do is pee.

You finally, FINALLY, make it to the bathroom while the kids aren’t looking and sit down to feel the sweet relief you’ve been imagining for hours when you see this:


Not only is that one empty, but your safety stash next to the toilet is also empty. You are #SheetOutOfLuck.

I know this scenario well. I’ve been there. And let me tell you, describing to a four year-old from across the house how to break through the plastic of a new toilet paper package (that I forgot to bring to my bathroom) isn’t nearly as fun for me as it is for her.

Angel Soft knows that #SheetHappens.

If this #SheetOutOfLuck situation has happened to you, you will surely enjoy Angel Soft’s new videos. The videos are cheeky good fun (oh, yes I did) and are full of great ways to remedy your #SheetOutOfLuck situation. (Winky Face.)

Later this week I’ll be relying on hotels and convention centers to keep me covered as I’m going to BlogHer ’14. You know who will also be there? Why, Angel Soft, of course! I will be stopping by and spending some time at the Angel Soft booth (#201) – be sure to come by and say hi when you see me!

Oh – this is important – very soon I’ll be hosting a giveaway with Angel Soft. Can you guess what the prize is? If you guessed toilet paper you’re only part right because it’s for a year-supply of Angel Soft. Oh yeah – no more miscalculating your rolls because your four year-old is now wiping herself — with way more paper than she needs. Or is that just at my house?

Have you ever been #SheetOutOfLuck? Do you have a #SheetHappens story to share? Follow Angel Soft on Twitter and Facebook so you can join the conversation and don’t forget to share with me in the comments below!

But first let me share my favorite video with you:

This post is sponsored by Angel Soft. Check back next week or follow me on Twitter and Facebook to get your chance at winning enough TP so you won’t be #SheetOutOfLuck!

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