Safe and Stylish in the Sun

I am not a sunbather. I can appreciate that I look a little healthier when I’ve been exposed to the sun, but I actively try to avoid sun exposure. I do realize, however, that there are benefits to some sun exposure. Vitamin D and all. And I’m a mom, so I can’t really exist in the summer without being in the sun at all. So how do I combine summer sun safety with summer style?


Well, I don’t exactly have it all figured out just yet, but I know that the first thing I do is take care of my skin, especially my face skin. Wearing SPF on my face every day is a must for me. I am in the stage of life where my skin is freaking out and I am constantly searching for great skin care products. When discussing this topic with the community manager from HSN, she told me about all the skin care products they have to offer.

I need a simple skincare routine that includes SPF, so I’m taking a second look at the New Beginnings Vitamin C Regimen. I’m also looking at one of Neutrogena’s new products, the Visibly Even BB Cream with an SPF 30. Though it wouldn’t give me complete skin care, it would give me the sun protection I need and it would cover some of my, ahem, imperfections…


One great trend I’m seeing at some of my favorite brands is the rash guard top. If you are more active than loungey when you are at the beach or the pool, this may be a good option for you. Rash guards themselves have been around for quite a while but they’ve only been mainstream for the last few years. The intention is that they fit tighter than a swimsuit cover up and they are normally SPF rated. They are usually meant to be worn in the water so they can be a great option for kiddos, too.

If you don’t need activewear when you are in the sun, you can still find great options to limit the exposure you get. Of course you should also have sunscreen on, but adding a layer of protection can’t hurt. Look for lightweight fabrics that will breathe. A cotton and rayon option will likely work well, but polyester will not. There are options as simple as a button down shirt all the way to lovely, flowing ponchos that will give you that touch of glam. What I use right now is a tunic top I bought at Old Navy several years back. It’s not actually a cover up but it looks like one and works well.

Safe & Stylish - Summer '14

All of the clothing is from Land’s End. The swimsuit combo in the middle is what I actually own. All the pieces I chose are meant to go with my swim suit. The rash guards on the left would fit best without the floral cover up, but the cover-ups on the right could work either way. I have had amazing luck finding flattering swim suits at a great price from Land’s End. I highly recommend that you check them out. (They also have great dresses.)


When looking for a hat and glasses, a wider brimmed hat will give you more protection. Find glasses that fit your price point, just make sure they block UV rays. Polarized lenses will give you a bit more protection as they cut down on the glare. Though it’s pretty easy to order clothes online with good results, glasses and hats really need to be tried on in person. I’ve had success at Target and the price point is nice for something that might get forgotten at the pool or the beach.


I realize some of you have non-water (non-fun?) activities that require you to be in the sun this summer. The sunscreen, hat, and glasses rule still applies. I love skirts and dresses for all events because they allow you to catch more of a breeze and can be less constricting than shorts and a tee shirt. I will never stop trying to make you wear more skirts and dresses.


Hydrate. Always have water with you. Having one or two reusable water bottles for each member of the household is a great way to have water on the go. Regulating your water intake will help your body cope with the heat and humidity outside, so if you plan to spend a day outside be sure to have plenty of water with you.

What’s something you do to stay safe and stylish in the sun?