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I Am My Father’s Daughter

I have news for you: if you like me or don’t like me, it’s probably my dad’s fault.

Candy & Dad - wedding rehearsal
At the rehearsal dinner the night before my wedding, 2001.

As lovely as my mama is, I take after my dad in both looks and personality. No, no, that’s wrong. Not personality so much as sense of humor. Personality-wise we are a bit different. My dad is a guy who always knows a guy. And if he doesn’t? He gets to know a guy pretty quickly. He doesn’t know a stranger and will strike up any conversation with anyone.

I don’t do that.

BUT as far as my sense of humor goes, that is something you can blame him for. I hold back my dumb jokes more than half the time, because I need them to be appreciated by the right audience. Like my dad. Luckily my husband is well aware of this trait and rolls with it.

Amusing the grandkids. And me.

My parents were pretty young when I was born, so now that I am nearly 40, heย and my mom (no longer married) are nearly 60. So we can kind of hang out, you know? Or he can buy emergency wine for me when I’m visiting Arkansas and shopping at Walmart with my sister only to realize they don’t sell wine at Walmart in Arkansas (OMG, right?). A quick call to Daddy-o and my problem was solved.

This past March in Arkansas with my sister (a.k.a. the “wine emergency” trip)

I also kind of blame him for my love of classic rock. He says when I was a baby my bassinet was directly under the stereo speakers. Let’s just forget the slight hearing loss there, but I was born in the 70’s. So it’s likely Fleetwood Mac lulled me to sleep on more than one occasion. (And if you have no love for Fleetwood Mac, I just don’t trust your taste in music.)

father's day
1975. I’m the baby. He’s the dad.

So he’s coming to visit next week. Which means I have no excuse to not have a Father’s Day gift for him. Oh dear…

In a pickle for a Father’s Day gift? Check out Man Crates. Right now you can even enter to win a free Man Crate by bragging about your dad and using the hashtag #DadBrags. Good luck! Well, let’s make that “just OK” luck. I’d like to win one, too.ย 


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  1. We were born in the same year? Who knew! I like your Dad already! Fleetwood Mac is awesome. As is a great sense of humor. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. This was so beautiful. I love your connection with your dad. What a beautiful bond. I was born in the 60’s, so I could relate to a lot in this post. And you guys sound like such fun people! Hope you had a wonderful and memorable visit with your dad.

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