What to Wear for Moms {Summer ’14}

Shopping for clothes doesn’t really get top priority around my house, and when I do get around to shopping I need clothes that will feel good and look good. Or look “OK”. I mean, who am I? The Queen?

But the really important part is that they fit in the budget. No sense in wearing clothes that make me feel guilty, right? So based on what’s trending now, I did a little internet shopping for us so we could chat about what to wear this summer. Let’s start with a lovely summer look from Target:

summer breeze


Florals are trending now and a lovely way to incorporate a floral print into your wardrobe is with a dress. I love dresses because they are so easy to wear. It’s really more bang for your buck because even though they are easy to wear they don’t look sloppy. As you would imagine, sandals are a must for this summer. This particular style is trending pretty much at all of the stores I visited. A straw bag and a floppy hat never go out of style, but even if they do you can afford to toss them after the summer when you purchase them at a great price.


Next up, let’s talk about white. White is always a great choice for summer and especially on trend for this summer. If you finally got over your fear of white jeans (I could be projecting) and now wear them with ease, how about graduating to white shorts or — my favorite — a white skirt? Here’s some a look with options from Old Navy:
Comfort & Style


Graphic tees are a trendy choice, but they can work flawlessly if you pair them with the right pieces. I love either of these shirts juxtaposed with the eyelet pencil skirt. I strongly suggest you wear some skirts in lieu of shorts this summer. Just try some on to find the appropriate length for you and your daily activities. My girls are four and eight and I wear skirts all the time… never stops me from fulfilling my mom requirements. Corals, reds, and oranges are having a moment right now — when you are unsure of how to wear a trendy color, footwear is always a good choice.

Last, but not least, we are shopping at Gap:

playdate {mom style}


And now you’re all: “Are you seriously telling me to go the Gap for jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers?” And I’m all like, “Um, yeah.”

Here’s the thing about the looks that are trending now: they are all very casual. Sporty is very in right now. Everyone is making a version of a slip-on sneaker. The jeans are a boyfriend fit and if you flip through any fashion mag with ‘celebrities’ you will see this fit is quite popular these days. Boxy tees have been edging their way back into the light and I for one am thankful to have them back! A loose fit is my friend… I’m showing this shirt in the lovely coral that’s so popular right now. This is a look you can wear with the kids or hanging out with your girlfriends.

Other colors that are working right now are navy and light blue and pairing them with the oranges and coral is always a good choice. Because of the popularity of the light blue hue, chambray is still a very on trend choice. Anything nautical or tribal is a good bet these days, too.

I’ve already shared skirts and tees are my go-to summer look — what about you? Do you have a go-to summer look?

(P.S. In case you are wondering… No. This is not a sponsored post and the these brands have no idea I’m writing about them. It’s just where I like to shop so I thought you might like it, too.)


  1. Hello, Candy.

    Ah. This post hits one of my sore spots. My internal “ow-ies!”

    I look at the cute, darling outfits in your post, and I think initially, “Pretty!” And the next thought that comes immediately on its heels is, “But NOT for me!” Because, you see, I am plump. Chubby. Was a size 14, now a size 16, and (because of encroaching menopause–my youngest is now 17) my “sand” is shifting down. Even though I work out at the gym three times a week, do yoga, eat properly (properly most of the time, with about three or four splurges per week on Nutella on my banana or my strawberries–whee!!), power-walk and jog, my weight/figure is congenital. Yes, my mother had my shape. So did my grandmother. (Good, solid, Polish/German stock.) I was a size 14 when I graduated from high school.

    Sorry to vent. Your post hit me in a vulnerable place today.

    That said, I think I will check out Gap. That t-shirt you showed is really adorable! Thanks! @chaplaineliza

    • Elizabeth. Friend. Please don’t think anything is not for you.

      Our bodies are so weird, right? They change size and shape and texture throughout our lives and we can’t really hide them from the world, try as we might. We compare our bodies to other bodies and to our younger bodies and fill ourselves with “shoulds” and “can’ts” and “nevers”. But none of that is real.

      What’s real is that you are beautiful and that has nothing to do the number or letter on the tag of your clothes. As an adult I’ve been a size 4 and a size 12 and everything in between and, though my size changed, what never changed was (is) my doubts about my body. My body and I have been through a lot together, but it’s been hard for me to appreciate that until recently.

      Here’s what I know: I can run and do yoga and pilates and eat right all I want to, but that will not change the fact that I am 39 years old, have given birth to two children, and have had five major abdominal surgeries. These things have left me — permanently — with a very imperfect body. But I have tricks that allow me to feel good about what I’m wearing and these tricks will work for you, too. The first and most important “trick” is accepting your body and appreciating how far it’s gotten you in this life. Everything else is smoke and mirrors. Optical illusions are every woman’s friend and let us all have fun with fashion.

      Here’s a link to a series I did about fashion tips and tricks: http://slightlyovercaffeinated.com/2013/10/31-days-of-fashion-tips-tricks-for.html

      Here’s another link to let you know I’ve got your back: http://slightlyovercaffeinated.com/2014/01/on-women-and-support.html

      Please email me if you want to talk in depth about styles that will flatter your body. We are all different and what works for me may not work for you, but I assure you a lot of fun styles *will* work for you. <3

  2. I really love the dress! I always wear skirts and dresses and I can totally see myself in that dress.