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My Writing… is a Process

I’ve been invited by my new friend Elaine to share my writing process. It’s been so interesting to me to read other blogger’s posts about how they write. There are so many similarities among us online writers – I love that this little blog train is fostering a sense of camaraderie that sometimes gets lost in the quick pace of social media. (You know what also fosters a sense of camaraderie? Listen to Your Mother. Get more info on our Southeast Texas show here.)

So on with the questions then, yeah?


1. What Am I Working On?

Well isn’t this the big question: What am I working on? I have many drafts started. Not just drafts for blog posts. Right now I am trying to decide which piece to focus on. I’m also working on an editorial calendar for my blog. I started the year with one but only made it six weeks into 2014 before it all fell apart. I’d really like to be more consistent and deliberate with my Slightly Overcaffeinated content even as I try to work on my long form writing skills. I’m also putting an ebook together based on my ‘31 Days of Fashion Tips for Beginners’ series from last fall.

2. How does my writing differ from others in its genre?

Other than my voice, I’m not sure how I differ from other bloggers who are moms around my age. I love when people tell me they can hear me saying the words I write – that tells me I am succeeding in making my voice unique. I think the only way for me to differ from other bloggers in my genre is to be sure I am writing in my voice and not trying to be like someone else.

3. Why do I write what I do?

As far as writing for this blog, I do it to try to connect with other women in my stage of life. I try to write about things that I would want to read about or on topics I hear women talking about. I am a big sister and I think I tend to carry that role with me through everything I do. So just go ahead and feel free to think of me as your big sister. And know I write for you as much as I write for me.

4. How does my writing process work?

So. My process. Yeah… I don’t know. I am always always writing in my head. In high school I kept a journal and it’s probably what kept me sane. Why I didn’t figure out earlier in life that I NEED to write is beyond me. Because I am always putting something together in my head, I try to make notes so I can write more when I have time. But time is the main obstacle I have to my “writing process” these days. So I end up with many drafts waiting for my attention and/or many notes in different places. I try to use Evernote or the Notes app on my phone, but  I’ve found pen and paper to be the best. Except when I misplace them…

Although I love a real pen and paper for making notes, I need to actually write on my computer. I have to tap it out. It flows so much better for me that way – probably because I can more neatly edit while I write on my laptop. I try very hard to write the first draft without editing so I can get it all out. But even for short little blog posts I edit and rewrite and edit and rewrite. Working out the process is a process in itself.

Now what?

Now I get call on someone else to answer these questions. I’d really love for my friend Amy at The Mombot to play along! I met Amy at my first blog conference, BlissDom, in 2013. I was there by myself and we happened to meet on the shuttle from the airport to the hotel. I enjoyed getting to know her so much. She’s got two little ones with a third on the way, so I’d love to see how she fits writing and blogging into her life.

What about you? What is your writing process like? Do you have the discipline I lack? If so, please share how I can get some of that…

6 thoughts on “My Writing… is a Process

  1. Love this post my friend. My writing goes from disciplined to messy. I think I’m most disciplined when I’m taking care of myself: good sleep healthy diet etc. I’m also good at writing when I’m on a roll with a project. For me, I think it’s about stretching yourself to do different things.

    1. Yes, I think discipline is an all-in kind of thing. It’s a huge challenge for me because every week my schedule changes for one reason or another. I’m not giving up yet, though. 😉

  2. I love that you say you want to write with YOUR voice. Staying true to yourself is at the heart of it all. Keep it up, girl and thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  3. I was literally hearing your sweet, calm voice (in my head) while reading this 🙂

    I think it’s so great the way each blogger has some kind of unique quality that sets them apart.

    Hop over and see me and I’ll share my writing “How To’s” with you too 🙂

    1. Thanks, Debbie. I agree with the point in your post about slacking every now and then because it feels like you aren’t reaching anyone. Blogging is weird like that. I mean, we started writing because we need to write not because we already had readers. Yet without that reader connection it can make you wonder why you do it.

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