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Cup o’ the Day: 8 years old

My first born turns 8 today. Eight feels so much older than seven. I don’t know why, but everyone I say that to agrees. Maybe I’m just very persuasive. Or threatening. Regardless, my child who I can still remember as a newborn is an eight year-old now.

If you know me for real or follow my blog (or heard me at Listen to Your Mother), you know that there is some history with this child. You know that her birthdays and milestones seem to weigh a little more to me than other things in life. And if you know us in real life, you know she is a pretty awesome girl.

In my efforts to please this awesome girl today, my morning was hectic. She wanted to open one present before school, so obviously I let her. This made us almost late for the bus stop. Which meant I only had one cup of coffee. (The HORROR.) After the bus took our children away (c’mon, that IS what happens), my smaller child and I got rained on as we walked back to the house. So when we got in, instead of making another cup of coffee I spruced myself up a bit so I wouldn’t look like a wet dog when I dropped her off at preschool. But this precious child couldn’t quit talking about her friend’s birthday, which meant we had to be on time for school so she could be part of the birthday circle for her friend. SO: no coffee.

When I returned home (we barely made it on time, but we did), I started doing this and that because I had a whole hour at least before I needed to leave to fetch lunch for the birthday girl and make it for her assigned lunch time. And it did occur to me to make another cup of coffee. And I did make another cup of coffee. But I as I was waiting for it to cool off I forgot to drink it. And then it was time to leave. DAMMIT.

So I poured the coffee into this little thing I picked up at the grocery store a couple weeks ago:


And I did actually remember to bring it with me (yay!) but I was so focused on driving and getting lunch and getting to school on time, that I forgot to drink it. AGAIN. And then I ended up getting to school 20 minutes early. Seriously…

I took at least one sip while I waited and it was still warm. But then it was time to go in to the school and coffee didn’t really go with my lunch so I left it in the car. Ugh. Went in, had lunch, she went back to her class, I chit-chatted with parents and staff about the the new car lanes for next year and got back to my car feeling so so sleeeepy. BECAUSE I’D ONLY HAD ONE CUP OF COFFEE.

And I drove home expecting to have to make a new cup of coffee. But I popped open my new magic travel mug and took a sip. Guess what? Still warm. Perfect drinking temperature. Winning.

Also it’s my daughter’s birthday. You should say a prayer for her because her mama is a little off…