22 Free Ways to Show Love {every day}

Lest you think I’m a cranky old woman because I think Valentine’s Day is a sham, I wanted to give you some ways you can show love to your family every day — and they’re free! No greeting card company will profit from this list…

  1. Tell knock knock jokes 
  2. Sing songs
  3. Say yes when it’s not expected
  4. Start the day with hugs and kisses
  5. Make a warm meal with real food
  6. Play a card game
  7. Encourage each other
  8. Put down your phone
  9. Hold hands
  10. Make eye contact
  11. Talk in funny voices 
  12. Say no sometimes
  13. Live as a team
  14. Laugh
  15. Take deep breaths
  16. Finish listening before you start talking
  17. Keep your promises
  18. Do the robot
  19. Offer help
  20. Give extra hugs
  21. Support crazy dreams
  22. Say these three words: I love you. 

Now these are just some of the things that work in our house — Tell me: What works for you? Leave your addition to the list in the comments. I’d love to see a whole new list of ways to show love to your family… School me!