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Can a Night Owl become a Morning Lark?

Let’s just say you are a night owl trying to find more time in your day in which to be productive. Do you stay up after the rest of your family has gone to bed and get your work done then? Is that even an option when you need to be ready for your day at 7AM to get little ones up and at ’em for school? Or do you instead do the unthinkable… and wake up really early?

This is not a rhetorical question.

Not for forever, but for right now especially, I have a lot of things I’m trying to work on: writing, blogging, my jewelry business, getting in shape, cleaning the house, and keeping up with laundry, to name a few. I’m trying to “work smarter” as they say, and look for time in my day that I can use to do those things instead of say, sleeping.

Unfortunately for me — because I am not a fan of mornings — I keep reading over and over that the best time to get your stuff done is EARLY in the day. That you (I) should get up at like 5AM. And do STUFF.

This is not my favorite news.

But I am open minded and feel I have a lot to learn from “people who know things” and so I am trying to do this crazy thing and wake up earlier to be productive. To date, my little experiment has not been successful. In part because my three year-old seems to know exactly when I’ve opened my eyes and thus opens hers, too. She does this even though she is on the other side of the house and cannot hear me at all. We are like ET and Elliot.

The other reason it’s not going so well is my love for the snooze button. Don’t EVEN tell me to put the alarm where I can’t reach it, because: 1) The alarm is my phone. We can’t ever be that far apart. 2) I did that in high school and I would just get up and grab the clock and crawl back into bed with it.

Is it even possible to change my night-owl-ness and become a person who can be productive in the morning, i.e. a “morning person”? I think no. I think it’s like trying to change the shape of your ears: Technically it’s not impossible, but who in the right mind would go through all that pain and trouble?

The real failure of this experiment is that because I’ve been so focused on trying to get up earlier — and failing — I’ve been too tired at night to get anything done, either.

I need to hear some success stories: Have you experienced this problem? How did you solve it? (And I am aware of the “do less stuff” option. I am working on that…)

2 thoughts on “Can a Night Owl become a Morning Lark?

  1. You know what? You’ll never believe this…I start work at 6:45am most days. Out of the house by 6:15 latest. But, my payoff is I’m out of work and the sun is still shining and the banks are still open and traffic is reasonable. Oh, and still no kids so NAPTIME! Which won’t be possible for you, I know but…what I’m saying is it CAN be done. Make what you’re getting up for important. Give yourself a “clock-in” time. You are important so act like it. 🙂

    (And I love the ET and Elliott comparison)

    1. Yeah, I’m already getting up at 6 and it’s amazingly hard. I’ve decided to try an alarm has a light that gets brighter as it approaches the time the alarm is set for. I will update my progress after it arrives…

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