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Tis the Season… for Tissues.

I’ve been sick for over a week. Consequently, I had no time or energy to wrap Christmas presents until Christmas Eve day. So there was nothing under the tree and my 7 year-old was getting nervous. She really wanted to give me lots of hugs as a means to suck up to me, but I’m sick. So she couldn’t. So she just kind of tap danced around the house all day and antagonized her three year-old sister.

Which is why I am so happy my husband had a few days at home this week. They both put their excess energies to use and ditched the training wheels on her bike.

Good thing Santa got her a new helmet and knee pads.

We had to cancel pretty much all of our plans to be social due to Coldmageddon 2013 which has given us more time at home than anticipated. So far no one else has caught my cold cooties and we’ve had some nice family time. Yesterday morning I may or may not have commandeered my daughter’s rainbow loom to make a few bracelets. I also may or may not have been asked to stop.

We went for a nice walk yesterday, which was my first time to leave our house in almost a week. And happily, my girls decided to quit antagonizing each other.

I had so much I wanted to catch up on at home during this break from our normal routine, but I was unable to do any of it due to my cold. Had I been well enough to do all the work I wanted to do I would have missed bracelet-making and memory-game-playing and Tangled-watching and popcorn-eating and — on occasion — the sweet sounds of my girls playing together and enjoying each other’s company.

So I will accept my annual cold and the blessings that accompanied it. And *cough, cough* — I might just have to be sick for a couple more days.

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  1. ¡Qué lindas tus fotos Candy! Me encantaron. Y Tangled es mi película preferida. How exciting it must be for Sophie now doing all that balancing. Hugs to both your beautiful girls 🙂

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