To Wash or Not to Wash? {Reviver Review}

So let’s just say you read through my 31 day series on Fashion Tips and Tricks for beginners and then decided to go out and get yourself a few new items for your wardrobe. Let’s just say… 

Now that you’ve invested in these new pieces, you want them to last, right? Well here is one challenge I have with my own clothes: I love to wear cardigans (for warmth, for color, to create a flattering line) BUT washing them after each wear will likely cause them the shrink or fade. This also applies to dresses that I might only wear for three hours at a time. So what’s a girl to do?

This is why when I got the opportunity to review a product called “Reviver” that describes itself as “deodorant for clothes” I was intrigued. I mean, I have the thing where you use the dryer for your dry-clean only stuff, but that’s not always what I need. I just need to ‘revive’ my clothes a bit so I can wear them again without washing them. That’s OK. Right? (I vote yes.)

SO… They sent me some samples to try so I could write about my experience. When I got said samples in the mail, the first thing I did (after opening the envelope) was go to my closet. And smell the armpits of all my sweaters. Yes, I was B.O. hunting.

So I found one or two questionable items and used this on the pits:

(forgive the blurry pic – my assistant is a bit of a wiggle-worm)

So Reviver works like this – you just swipe the fabric with the white side of the um, “swiper” (my word, not theirs), and it eliminates the odor. It leaves a bit a (nice) scent at first, but that quickly fades, along with any lingering unpleasant odors.

Here’s the swiper:

I wanted to really test it for real for real, and because I had three jewelry shows scheduled close together I realized I had the perfect opportunity: I wore the same dress to all three jewelry shows without washing it.

When I get dressed for my home shows, I put on my pretty clothes right before I leave the house BUT when I arrive at the home of my hostess I have to bring in all of my things for the jewelry show. So in my nice dress, I roll in a table, a jewelry case, a mannequin, and a bag with catalogs and other random things I need. And then I set it all up. In my nice dress. So it’s not exactly a trip to the gym, but I’m not just sitting around, either.

Once everything is set up, I give a presentation, help ladies with their orders, and then put everything away and haul it out to my car. So. A fair test for Reviver, I’d say.

I wish I had a more dramatic story for you, but all I did was use the Reviver on my dress before I got dressed for each show. I didn’t add extra perfume or anything to mask any odors. I didn’t need to — there was no B.O.

All in all, I have to say that Reviver dry deodorant for clothes is a good addition to my tool kit for extending the life of my clothes. Or to get me by in a pinch when I don’t have time to wash that one thing I needed.

Washing and drying clothes really can zap the life out of them, so I take care to only wash when necessary when it comes to sweaters, dresses, and other occasional items. T-shirt and underthings ALWAYS get washed. Jeans do not. Athletic clothes on which I spent a pretty penny NEVER go in the dryer. These are just a few of my rules.

What rules do you have to extend the life of your clothes? Do you think Reviver would help you skip some washes, or at least get you from day to night? (By the way, you can find Reviver at Walgreens.)