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And she can write her name. With a sharpie.

I am so SO blessed to be the mother God chose for my two daughters. And also blessed that I was the one who got to keep them in my belly for nine (ten) months and care for them from the moment they were born. My path to motherhood was not an easy one. Many of us do not have an easy path to becoming parents. Or to becoming adults. But I digress…

Because of my life, my experiences, the times my life zigged when it could have easily zagged, my children and their presence on this earth are indescribably precious to me. To be able to be pregnant with and give birth to one child was just amazing, but TWO? I am undeservedly blessed.

This preciousness that lives in my heart tries to expose itself to the outside world every time I have a parent/teacher conference. It’s actually pretty embarrassing: I am unable to discuss my children’s accomplishments without shedding at least one tear. I have cried to some degree in every single conference.

I’m getting better with time as I’ve had lots of practice since my older daughter has been in a school setting for five years now. Well, I am getting better with her conferences at least. I don’t have as much practice when discussing my younger daughter.

Today I talked with her Montessori teacher about how she is progressing in her primary classroom, of which she is one of the younger students since the age range is from 3 to 6 years old. And I know she is bright. And I know she is social. And of course I am proud. She is my sweet baby girl.

What I didn’t expect to come up in the conference was her heart.

Her teacher shared with me that when a friend of my daughter’s from the toddler class joined the “big kid” class, my girl sat with her in circle time and made it a point to show her around the classroom. She also shared with me that my sweet baby girl is always patting her friends with affection and is very kind and gentle with them.

To hear that that is how she expresses herself in her world… Oh. My heart just swells with emotion.

Which makes it so much easier to forgive her when she does something she shouldn’t.

Like write her name on a drawer in the kitchen. WITH A SHARPIE.

Ah, Motherhood. What a ride it is.

I just had to laugh when I discovered this work of art. After all, it happened on my husband’s watch. I accepted it would be there forever, marking this moment in time when she was practicing her penmanship.

But then my blog friend Becca told me on Instagram that writing over the permanent marker with a dry erase marker and wiping it off would likely be the solution to removing it.

And it worked!

But I was just a little sad to lose the comical reminder of how life really works. I mean, she did a great job on her name. It just wasn’t where I wanted her to write it.

Has your child done something you had to learn to appreciate because it was something you never planned on? What is the funniest “bad” thing your little one has done?

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  1. Aw, that’s funny and sweet. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve never heard of the dry erase marker trick! I’ll have to try that if I end up with unwanted Sharpie on my furniture.

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