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#31Days of Fashion Tips: What Does Your Closet Say About You?

Yesterday I talked about and gave examples of the four Fashion Personalities to help with defining your personal style. Today I want you to look in your closet — Does your closet reflect your fashion personality?

If I walk into my closet right now, the message is clear: I am a mess. It definitely reflects the fact that the last few weeks have been super busy for me. But it also reflects that I have been taking action and getting rid of the things that just don’t fit me anymore, whether it be due to size or style. I urge you to do the same thing.
If you want to be more deliberate about the image you show the world, you must clean out your closet on a regular basis. Twice a year is a good goal so you have an accurate idea of what you actually wear. In Houston we don’t often have the opportunity to wear heavy sweaters or any true winter clothing, but every once in a while we need it. I don’t want to get rid of my one great heavy sweater because it would be really difficult to replace it and it still fits AND fits my personal style. 
Here are some guidelines to help you decide what stays in your closet and what goes in the donation pile:
1. Does it fit?
If it doesn’t fit you and hasn’t for a while, just get rid of it. Don’t keep your “skinny pants” or your “fat pants”. (OK – you may keep one pair of “skinny pants” if it helps you reach a particular weight or fitness goal, but only if you are actively working on it. You can’t keep your “fat pants”. You just can’t.)

2. How does it make me feel when I wear it?
If you have a piece of clothing that you avoid wearing every time it becomes an option, get rid of it. You want your clothes to make you feel good, not cranky.

3. Is it an obvious trend from the past that might as well have a year stamped on it?
I know, I know – trends do come back, but when they do they usually have an update that makes them a little more modern than their former selves. Not too many really trendy pieces can be worn again in real life 10 or 20 years later (I’m talking to you, giant shoulder pads). So unless you have the perfect, timeless Chanel suit hanging out in there, off to the donation pile the former trends must go.

Most of us wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. If you can eliminate some of the 80% that you don’t wear from your closet, you are going to have a much easier time choosing an ensemble when you have only five minutes to get dressed before you have to get your daughter to the bus stop (Not that I’ve never been in that situation myself, of course – I’m just trying to illustrate the point. For a friend.)

Have you already got this step down? What tips do you have for parting with those pieces that have moved with you from dorm to apartment to house (to house)? 

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2 thoughts on “#31Days of Fashion Tips: What Does Your Closet Say About You?

  1. I love your second point – and you are so right; our clothes shouldn’t make us feel cranky! The first point is a bit of a challenge for me, as my body has been through SO many changes over the past several years with 4 pregnancies in 7 yrs of marriage. I purged, and I mean PURGED my closet, after my first daughter was born and I got rid of anything too big. After my one year old was born last year, I had a really difficult time finding clothes that fit during those first 4-5 months postpartum. Now, I have learned my lesson. In the event that we have more children, I have the postpartum clothing packed away with the maternity clothing – that way it isn’t taking up closet space.

    Love this series & I look forward to following along for the remainder of the month. Apologies for the super-longwinded comment!

    1. So glad you like it – Thanks for reading!

      Yes, post baby dressing is the worst… I am a firm believer in shopping after each birth for interim clothes. For me, what worked after baby #1 did not work after baby #2. My youngest is 3 and I feel like I’m just now figuring out what fits me. Elastic waist pants and $8 target tees became my best friend both times postpartum, but I had to get a new set each time. We are having a garage sale tomorrow and all my postpartum #2 tees are out there. Good riddance! (for the record, this uterus is closed for business.)

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