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#31Days of Fashion: Know What You Like

31 days of fashion for beginners

This series of fashion tips and tricks is meant for beginners. You are a beginner if you feel like you have no idea of how to make deliberate choices about the way you look. Most importantly: It’s OK to be a beginner. What I’ve found is most of us women knew what we were doing with ourselves and our look at some point in our lives, but then life happened and things like our personal style and taking care of ourselves took a back seat to life…

No worries – I am here to help!

This is Day One of 31 Days of Fashion Tips & Tricks {for Beginners}, so we will start easy. I just need you to answer one question:

What do you like? In other words, can you describe your personal style?

If the answer is no, think about your favorite piece of clothing. Is it bold and patterned or subtle and neutral? Does it emphasize a certain part of your body or does it hide a certain part of your body? Whose style do you admire? Do you find you are drawn to particular stores or catalogs?

One major clue to your personal style is identifying with one particular brand’s print ads or store displays. They are telling a story with those pictures or displays – are you part of their story? Here’s a tip: When you are putting yourself in their story, be sure it is the “you” from today and not the “you” from ten years ago. Just like everything else, our personal style can change as we age.

This is your fashion homework. Tomorrow I’ll talk about fashion personalities to help you further define your style. Next time I ask these questions the adjectives you’ve chosen for yourself will help you figure out your fashion personality.

Hasta mañana!

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  1. I really love your blog and I am starting my own soon but I don’t think is a good idea, but yours is great and it has inspired me, however I wanted to ask if starting my own blog is a good idea?

    1. There are free platforms available for starting your own blog, so I say why not? If you feel that other social media platforms are too constricting, blogging is a great way to express yourself. If you can think of five blog posts you would write off the top of your head, you should do it. Check out Blogger, WordPress dot com, or even Tumblr for free platforms. Good luck!

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