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31 Days: Throwback Thursday (way back)

So here’s a look I’m glad never came back:

1988 suspender shirt

I mean, suspenders ON the shirt? Why? How does that make any sense?

Maybe it came back. I don’t know. I’d rather just think this particular gem stayed in 1988. Eighth grade me thought this was pretty cool.

Styles come back, though, and now that I’m well into my thirties I can say that I’ve seen looks from when I was kid come back into vogue. But that is no excuse to not clean out your closet. (You were wondering what my angle was, weren’t you?)

Just THROW IT AWAY. Unless… it’s super awesome (velvet-ish blazer circa 1970 scored at a yard sale) or super sentimental (great-grandma’s cardigan). Or super funny (a shirt with suspenders on it).

No. Unfortunately I don’t still have this shirt.

Are you holding on to an article of clothing from years gone by because you are convinced it will be “in style” again? What is it? And why, oh why, are you defying me?

2 thoughts on “31 Days: Throwback Thursday (way back)

  1. I don’t know if that style ever made it to Canada. LOL!

    However, I can recall some doozies from earlier eras. Style? Not much!

    I guess if one were to hold on to a dated outfit, it could always be placed in the Halloween costume box! 🙂

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