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31 Days: Sweaters and Jackets and Scarves {oh my!}

Lines, lines, lines, lines, lines. That’s really all fashion is, isn’t it? Runway fashion is all about who can use lines in new and creative ways. But runway fashion is not real life. Real life fashion is all about how to use lines to flatter our figures (and hide our flaws).

In some places the weather is changing now and moving towards the cool, crisp days of autumn (in Houston not so much). Cooler temps means it is time to add some layers. Lucky for us this is also a great way to change the lines of your outfit.

Here are some ways to use these layering pieces in a more deliberate way:

Problem #1:

Midsection has more volume than makes you happy and/or you want to create a little more interest to your t-shirt and jeans ensemble.

Cardi Party

Notice how our friends here are all wearing a white tee and jeans. When they pair that with a cardigan, not only have they created more visual interest than before, but the cardigan draws a nice long line down the center of the body creating a long, lean look. You can draw that line a little darker by adding a long necklace that mirrors that line.

Problem #2:

The girls are trying to get too much attention or your tee is hopelessly boring.

scarves save outfits

Both of these t-shirts have issues. The first is a plunging neckline and the other is just a kind of weird and boring. Let’s say these are your only choices because all your other clothes are dirty because you can’t remember to take them out of the washer. (Let’s just say.) Add a scarf – you have a pop of color to flatter your face, you look trendy, and no on will notice your shirt.

Problem #3:

You avoid jackets and blazers because they don’t feel feminine.

embrace your masculinity

embrace your masculinity by candyovercaffed featuring a denim blazer

Pair your denim jacket or blazer with feminine touches to keep you from feeling like you are dressed like a 12 year old boy (or is that just me?). A denim jacket with a dress always works, so adding it to a shirt and skirt is a sure thing. A blazer with feminine sleeve details will set you apart from the choir boys for sure, and pairing denim with a soft corduroy will give you a lovely juxtaposition. With these pieces you are a getting the same benefit as a cardigan because they create the line down the middle, but the jackets give you a little more structure. 
Do you use any of these pieces on purpose? What is your favorite trick with a sweater, jacket, or scarf?