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31 Days: Suburban Tailgating Trends

If you know me at all you know I am a HUGE football fan. And by “huge football fan” I mean that I don’t really enjoy that particular sports game but it’s fun to get together and watch it with friends.

My husband and I have moved a lot during our time together and we’ve always felt it was important to root for the home team. Now, he actually likes the foosball and has fantasy teams and all that, so he really gets into it. I just enjoy the fact that we have a home team to root for and friends with whom we can enjoy the experience.

In our neighborhood we like to tailgate when the weather allows (we were rained out today). We have food and the kids play outside and my neighbor brings their TV out to the driveway. Honestly there are usually two TVs because someone also brings a portable satellite thing. Now that I think about it, it’s kind of crazy.

Nevertheless… we are always dressed in Texans gear! This look is inspired by my usual tailgating attire. It’s still hot in Houston, y’all. It’ll be a while before we need more clothes than this…

Texans Tailgate