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31 Days: Pajama Days

Getting dressed on purpose is not about always looking fancy or stylish. Getting dressed on purpose is about being mindful of what image you are projecting — to yourself and to others — by the clothes you put on your body each day.

And I don’t know about you, but some days? I just don’t even want to get dressed. I just want to stay in my comfy pajamas and just not care. And I think that’s OK.
In the summer when my girls weren’t in school, we would have those days. It was pretty easy then because we literally had no place to go. But the thing is, I had to assign those days on purpose. Those days came with the announcement, “Girls: we are going to stay in our pajamas today.” And they loved that! And it was fun! And different! And silly! And whatever else they said! 
But we did it on purpose.
Here’s the difference: when the announcement isn’t made, the question I would get is, “Mommy, why are you still in your pajamas?”
The first situation is fun. The second situation is sad. The only real difference is the intention was set with one and not with the other. 
Now that school is in session it’s not so easy to just have a pajama day. They can’t really wear their pajamas to school and my bus stop friends might worry about me if I show up in the morning in my PJs and am still wearing them when I get my daughter off the bus in the afternoon. And weekends seem to fill up with obligations. So what’s a pajama loving mama to do?
Elastic. It’s all about elastic. 
On those “I don’t wanna get dressed” days I find my stretchy clothes. My maxi skirt with the fold over top. My ponte pants. My one pair of really nice yoga pants. And the stretchiest bra I can find. 
And I am soooo comfy. But I still look like I care. Even if I don’t. 
Do you have days when you just don’t want to get dressed? What’s your favorite comfy item that no one knows is comfy?

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