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31 Days: My 5 Fall Essentials

Once you have a better idea of what your fashion personality is and once you have eliminated some unnecessary things from your closet, it’s time to take inventory again.

This is the process I’ve been going though myself for the fall, so let me share with you some of my essentials. It was important for me to know what they were so I knew if it was time to make a shopping list or if I could just shop my closet.

1. Great fitting jeans

As a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom, I have many opportunities to wear jeans. With the right fit and the right wash, they are a staple of mine that can be dressed up or dressed down. What I really love right now are my skinny jeans, though it took me some time to come around to this trend. And why do I love them? I can wear them with flats, sandals, or boots. I can roll them up to ankle length. I can wear them under dresses. I can basically wear them all the time. And I found a fit in a dark wash that totally works for me.

2. Cardigans

Living in Houston, it’s very easy to make it through the winter with only cardigans. Not that it doesn’t get cold, I’m just saying if you are just going from your car to inside a building you can probably make it work. For this reason a quarter of my closet is cardigans and other light-weight outerwear.

3. V-neck tees

I know this seems totally boring, but just stick with me. With my skinny jeans and cardigans, all I really need is a bunch of V-neck tees to put under them. Long sleeve and short sleeve – they get me through.

4. Scarves

Were you picturing a boring look with those essentials? Never fear – adding a scarf adds color, interest, and warmth.

5. Knee high boots

Oh, how I love my boots. It is October and too damn warm to wear them here and it’s killing me. But let me tell you I will be wearing boots every chance I get as soon as I can do it without triggering a hot flash.

5 fall essentials

So wtih these five essentials, I have created my uniform for the fall. This is something I strongly encourage you to do. Whether you go to an office every day or spend your day running errands, if you create a uniform for yourself it will make it so much easier to get dressed on those normal days. Of course you need to have other things in your wardrobe, but for everyday wear a uniform will save you.

Do you have a uniform? Or is this a new idea for you? (OR do you have a current accidental uniform?)

7 thoughts on “31 Days: My 5 Fall Essentials

  1. Totally loving this series! This is my exact “uniform” (or at least the one I plan on having). 🙂 I pretty much live in jeans (usually skinny), tees and cardigans every year. It looks pretty plain and boring. So this year, I am determined to add scarves for interest and I already bought a pair of boots. My other problem is that I never wear anything other than black, white and gray, but I’ve decided that maybe there isn’t anything wrong with that. It’s just who I am. 🙂 I do plan on adding some cardigans and t-shirts with pattern instead of just plain solid colors though. That has to count as expanding my horizons…right?! 😉

    1. Thanks so much!

      There is nothing wrong with black, white, & gray! I had the hardest time wearing color for a while – we are who we are, when we are, right? I sometimes feel overwhelmed by patterns now and am very picky about them (on myself). If you are looking to add a color to your palette, a wine or burgundy would be great as would a cobalt blue or turquoise. Sometimes you can get that little splash of interest or warmth from jewelry, too. Gold is very flattering and very now. As long as you are getting dressed on purpose, you are on the right path. 😉

  2. I’m doing leggings with tunics/sweater dresses this fall. My sweater dresses are making up for my lack of maternity wear for this season as they are quite forgiving in the belly. I love the idea of adding a scarf, but I feel like scarves end up adding bulk to my already voluminous frame and that ends up not very flattering. Plus my 14 month old damn near strangles me with them. I do love the look on others and I am not giving up on them for myself…it just might have to wait a few months/years.

    1. I always hated maternity clothes so if you can make regular clothes work, yay you! Sometimes tying a scarf in a different way will take out the volume but still let you get that pop of color. The weight of the fabric can make a difference, too. It is a bit challenging to toddler proof yourself when it comes to accessories, though… Don’t give up!

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