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31 Days: Moms on the Town {Ideas}

The way my life works these days, I don’t really “go out” much. And “going out” with my friends is even more rare, so when the occasion arises I never know what to wear. And from conversations with my friends it seems I am not the only one with that dilemma.

Last night we joined several couples from our neighborhood on a pub crawl for which we rented a party bus. Soooo… we wanted to look our best (since we never go out) but be comfortable enough to maneuver walking around on a bus and walking from bar to bar without losing our, um, dignity.

Here’s some looks inspired by last night (you know, just in case you get to go out one day, too). Let me know which look is your favorite — do you have trouble figuring out what to wear when you go out, too?

mom's night out

Simple drama

Casual fun

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