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31 Days: Mommy/Daughter Date

It is 11:40 PM and I just put my seven year old to bed a few minutes ago. This is definitely not the norm in this house, but we had the opportunity — rather suddenly — to go see Peter and the Starcatcher tonight, as the tour is currently in Houston.

SO worth the terrible morning we are going to have tomorrow.

I was a little concerned my daughter would be too young to “get it” as the reviews I read recommended it for 8-10 years and up, but she’s pretty sharp and she’s read several versions of Peter Pan many times, so it was only a small worry (the show is kind of a prequel to the well known Peter Pan story). I am sure some of the more adult jokes of the show went over her head, but we both really enjoyed it. It was fun and clever and inventive and really made me miss theatre. It was a show many folks would enjoy, but I feel theatre folks may enjoy it just a skosh more… It’s surprising to me that it was such a hit on Broadway and is part of the touring season because it is a bare bones, stripped down, fundamental type of show. Or maybe simplicity is trending now.

Point is, it was a great show.

On to the fashion talk… I had to dress like a mom tonight (read: comfortable and functional) but also wanted to dress up a little for my date for my daughter. It was a bit of a conundrum for me at 5:05PM when we needed to be in the car by 6:00. I worked it out and made a board for you.

Mommy/Daughter Date

Mommy/Daughter Date by candyovercaffed featuring H&M cardigans

(As this is a series on fashion tips and tricks, it should be noted that my daughter picks out her own outfits. The colors don’t always exactly go, but if she’s happy I’m happy.)
This is pretty much what we wore tonight. I stuck with black to keep it dressy, but ponte to keep it comfy. I don’t have pics for the jewelry, but added a black beaded necklace and earrings to dress it up a little more. 
And of course she went with pink.
Do you dress differently when you “dress up” for occasions with your kiddos? Or is it the same whether they are with you or the sitter?