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31 Days: Lines are THE Thing

In my last post I talked about things I know I shouldn’t wear. I totally forgot one, but my friend Jackie apparently feels the same way so she commented about the item: Capri pants.

Capri pants are rarely flattering on anyone. If you didn’t know this already, I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you. The reason they are rarely flattering is because of line they create on your leg. Most capri length pants make the leg look shorter and less lean. Who wants that?

Lines are super important when deciding what works on you and what doesn’t. For example, a shirt can actually make your hips look bigger or less big depending on where it falls on you — all because of the line it creates on your body. It’s like an optical illusion and draws attention to itself. Wherever there is a line, which there usually is with the change of color that happens from garment to garment, the eye goes.

Because of lines, boot cut jeans are usually flattering on most body types. Most ladies have larger thighs than they do ankles, so the slight flare at the bottom balances us out. Because of lines, three-quarter length sleeves are usually flattering on most body types, because they hit at the point on the arm where it starts to get more slender. Because of lines, wrap dresses are usually flattering on most body types, because they create a waist where we maybe didn’t have one and draw the eye in to give us a more shapely figure.

When the lines aren’t built into our clothes for us, what can we do? Accessorize. Belts, necklaces, bracelets, scarves — all of these things can change the line of our clothes and feature the parts we prefer to have featured. Cardigans, blazers, and other toppers can also change the look of an outfit for the better.

When scouring Polyvore and the stores I shop online for a selection of universally flattering tops, here’s what I came up with:

a flattering silhouette

a flattering silhouette by candyovercaffed featuring boho blouses

Notice a theme there? This was pretty much the only silhouette I found that would flatter me and the complete opposite of me. The three-fourths sleeves and the V-Neck are a winner for most folks, and the loose fit can be a great help, too. Notice the last look uses a belt to bring the waist in (HINT: You can do that, too). Add some cute earrings with lots of movement to these tops and pair with jeans and you are good to go. 
What’s important here is for you to find the lines that work on your body. For example, I know capri pants are mostly a huge “miss” for me; however, I love ankle length pants. I feel that, for me, an ankle length pant flatters my leg in the way a three-fourths length sleeve does my arms.
Do you have strong feelings about capri pants and other unflattering lines and lengths? Please share – I bet you aren’t the only one. đŸ˜‰

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