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31 Days: Kids Style Tips

I am mother to two girls — a job for which I am completely unqualified, by the way — so I think about kids’ clothes quite a lot. The stage we are in now has my younger daughter wearing her big sister’s old clothes and my older daughter mostly wearing things that are on the verge of being too small for her.

I think this will accurately describe the stage we are in for a number of years because I am very stingy when it comes to spending money on clothes for my girls.

Yes, yes, I am a terrible mother. I am aware.

But I know for which activities they wear these clothes. I’ve seen what happens to the cute dress and matching leggings. There are very few occasions in the lives of a three year old and a seven year old that do not have the opportunity for stains or tears. So I’ve made the choice to be very frugal when it comes to their clothes.

Any time we purchase clothes for ourselves or others we have to make the choice to spend or save, right? With my girls I rarely choose the “spend” option, but here are the things I will spend on:

  • An outfit for my older daughter that she will get at least a year out of and will be in good shape to pass down to her sister.
  • An outfit for my younger daughter that she will get a year or more out of.
  • Shoes they can wear everyday and are good for their feet.

And really that’s about it.

I want my children to have a choice in what they wear, but I feel there are plenty of good options at Target or Old Navy or Gap (when they have a sale). It is a usually waste of money to pay for their clothes what I pay for mine.

I also feel that they need to be dressing like the age they are and not like teenagers or young adults. Here are some looks that I love:


second grade rules

second grade rules by candyovercaffed on Polyvore

The first look is a bit of a spend — it’s Hanna Andersson, but they have a sale right now and the clothes are really good quality. The second is Gap and Target. A Gap *sale* mind you…
Do you spend a lot on your kids’s clothes, or do you feel it’s not worth it right now? Do you have older kids? How do you decide what to spend on and what to save on?

2 thoughts on “31 Days: Kids Style Tips

  1. I don’t spend a lot on my kids’ clothes either. My son just destroys everything as he is always jumping and sliding/landing on his knees. For his first 4 years he went through tennis shoes within 4-6 weeks of buying them because he would wear the toes off from dragging them around on riding toys at daycare. So I had to get spendy on his shoes – Keds with the thick rubber toe that goes over the top…you remember the kind (think early 1990s).

    I mostly shop at resale shops for my kids clothes; the area we live in has a lot of, what I call, “strivers”. People are striving to show off a lifestyle they actually don’t have, so they buy things they can’t afford (brand names) and they all wind up at the resale shop where I can buy $100 worth of new or like-new clothing for $12. I am shocked at how much I find that is still brand new with original store tags. I especially refuse to spend big money on special occasion outfits (Christmas, Easter), they only get worn once, so I have a $15 limit on those outfits including shoes. I also buy all my son’s sports equipment and sports shoes from the resale shops in the area.

    1. Glad to know I’m not the only one. Not only does it seem impractical to me (I’m practical to a fault) but it’s so unfamiliar to me – I grew up wearing hand-me-downs and patched jeans. You never know what finds they’ll have at the resale shop. My daughter’s favorite dress is one we found for $1 at our local Kid to Kid!

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