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31 Days: Jewelry Essentials

This series is about giving you the tools you need to get dressed on purpose. When you know which fashion personalities relate to your personal style, getting dressed and looking great (and feeling like you are looking great) is so much easier.

Jewelry is one of the tools I want you to use.

jewelry completes you

The example above shows a very nondescript comfy casual outfit. Do me a favor and look at that board while covering the necklace, earrings and bracelet on the right. I’ll wait. 

Now remove your hand and look at the comfy tee and jeans with the jewelry. From drab to fab, right? And all you did was move your hand. 

The board below features four necklaces, three of which are long and can be worn a few ways. Starting on the left, the gold ensemble is two necklaces layered, the lower picture is that long gold necklace doubled. The middle is all the ways one 90″ strand of pearls can be worn. The blue and silver necklace is multi-stranded, so it can be worn long or with the strands at different lengths.

the long & short of it
These pieces will also take you from drab to fab but give you many options as well. The strand of pearls I show here is $39. So for $39 you get a necklace you can wear dozens of ways. You can pay $39 for a shirt if you want to, buy how many ways can you wear it? Not only is jewelry a good investment that helps you stretch your wardrobe, but it always fits.
What jewelry do you need? Here’s what I recommend:
1. A statement necklace (such as the gold one with the flowers above) in whatever metal you wear the most.
2. A long versatile necklace (examples above), again in whatever metal you wear the most.
3. A cocktail ring (a larger ring you’d wear on your first or middle finger).
4. A strand of pearls.
5. A great pair of hoops.
6. A nice watch.
7. A pair of everyday studs (like diamond studs or a solid silver or gold stud).
The bonus list would include at least one pair of dangly earrings that move well and a bracelet — preferably one that stretches or wraps — that you can wear with many things. Also, if you have everything above, I’d add a necklace with color. It’s a great way to add interest to a black and white outfit.
Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry you always reach for? Or is this an area you need some help with?