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31 Days: Halloween Family Style

This weekend we have an event to go to at my daughter’s elementary school. It’s Trick or Treat festival with games and candy and it’s a fundraiser for the PTO. Of course my girls are excited to go, but they were pretty disappointed when I said they couldn’t wear their costumes.

What?? What kind of mother am I???

Yeah, I’m the kind of mother that doesn’t want her seven year old’s mermaid costume ruined 12 days before Halloween. So there.

So here’s my solution – this fashion board is inspired by what we’ll be wearing tomorrow. Though sadly I do not own this shirt… Mine is less cool and says, “This is my Halloween Shirt”and probably doesn’t fit me very well. The girls will be dressed in Jack O’Lantern tees, though, and will have green headbands and a bit of green hair color to match. I had to do something fun, right?

trick or treat

trick or treat by candyovercaffed featuring low rise skinny jeans

Do you like to dress up for Halloween, in a novelty tee or otherwise? Or do you leave that for the kiddos? When do you think it’s inappropriate for parents to be in costume?

2 thoughts on “31 Days: Halloween Family Style

  1. Ya’ll will look adorable! The only time I think parents shouldn’t wear costumes is if they are inappropriate (too sexy, gruesome, in poor taste) for the event. Don’t be a sexy nurse or a zombie or a tampon at an event where kids will be present.

    1. Thanks! I agree – I love seeing parents in costumes but if they scare my kids or I feel like I need to cover their eyes, that’s not cool. I love clever or funny costumes. I wish I was clever or funny enough to think of a great one!

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