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31 Days: Getting Dressed on Purpose

Here’s why it’s important to make deliberate choices about what you wear: what you put out there is what becomes true about you to the rest of the world. The “rest of the world” includes your children, moms.

You might have wonderful self confidence, but if you look sloppy it just looks like you don’t care. About yourself, yes, but to someone who doesn’t know you well that thought might carry through to everything you are involved in and assumptions will be made. Now, I’m not saying you can’t wear yoga pants to the bus stop or for a quick run to the grocery store, but if you pair it with a t-shirt that is three sizes two big and has stains on it, it definitely sends a message.

You do not have to be the hot-to-trot fashionista mama, but you can be if that’s the look you like. It’s not about having the newest or most expensive clothes. It’s about getting dressed on purpose.

Deciding which fashion personality fits you is the first step to getting dressed on purpose. Once you’ve done that, it’s a lot easier to adapt fashion tips and tricks to suit your look.

I hope the previous posts have helped you think about ways to be more deliberate about what you put on. I’ll have more tips this week, but for now here’s a look inspired by the busy day I’ll have tomorrow…

Mom On-the-Go

8 thoughts on “31 Days: Getting Dressed on Purpose

  1. I am not particularly fashionable (never have been), but, since my children have started school, I have noticed myself trying hard to look a least presentable when I am out with them – at pick-up/drop-off & at school events. Although I may not be the most fashionable parent, I do at least want the teachers to perceive me as “put-together” (and perhaps responsible!).
    LOVE this look!

    1. As much as we’d like to think that it’s what inside that counts, those who don’t really know us do and will make judgements about us based on our appearance. Looking pulled together I think *does* make us look responsible. I’ve found jewelry and other accessories really make a difference. It’s rare I leave the house without earrings.

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