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31 Days: Everything is Not for Every Body

We talked a bit about finding what works for you and what you like, but we need to address something else just as important…

While discovering your personal style you may find some looks that you like but aren’t the most flattering on you. My advice for that situation is simple: Don’t wear it. 

Every body can’t wear everything. It’s important to be honest with yourself about the things that aren’t the greatest on you. What this will help you do is find your go-to outfits (which can become a uniform) and will make shopping and cleaning out your closet even more black and white (ha! Fashion pun).

I would LOVE to give you a fashion board example of this, but the bodies available on Polyvore aren’t real people bodies; they are fashion model bodies. And I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t have the body of a fashion model. I’m 38 years old and have had two babies: Things change. And some things never go back to the way they were. (It’s not just me, right??) 

So that leaves me with either a) taking pictures of strangers and showing you their fashion flaws, or b) taking pictures of myself to highlight what looks bad on me. And I’m not going to do either of those.

Instead I’m going to tell you what I won’t wear and why:

1. Fitted t-shirts

It would make my life easier to be able to wear fitted tees, but it’s just not a thing I should do. My worst body part is by far my waist. It’s been stretched and pulled thanks to pregnancies and surgeries and it will never be perfect. A fitted tee shows every part of my mid-section I want to hide, so instead I opt for either a size larger (so it’s not so fitted) or I just avoid that style of t-shirt altogether and find a flowy top.

2. Shorts

Occasionally I do wear a bermuda cut short, though they aren’t the best thing on me. Anything shorter than that is really terrible because the line of the short stops at such an unflattering part of my leg. It highlights that my thighs are so much wider than my ankles and it highlights the veins in my legs that now show thanks to age and pregnancies. Instead I opt for skirts and keep the length at the knee or longer. Again, the flow of the fabric camouflages things.

3. Blinged out jeans

I love accessories, but I’m not super blingy. It would be an obvious mismatch to my personality to wear blinged out jeans. But more importantly? Why would I want to draw attention to my rear end? It’s really not spectacular. In the event my exercise pays of and I get myself some buns of steel, I may reconsider.


Really there are probably more things I could put on this list, but I’ve got to draw the line somewhere when doing a month long blog series…

Getting dressed on purpose is about feeling your best. Sometimes our hang ups with our bodies are unfounded. What I’d like is for you to be honest with yourself and know what’s true and what’s not. Part of doing that is appreciating your body for what it is today. I don’t lose sleep over my terrible waist — I wouldn’t be who I am today without the things that pushed and pulled it to it’s current state.

How about you? Is there something you’d love to wear but learned it’s just not a great idea? This is a safe place – no judging here.

10 thoughts on “31 Days: Everything is Not for Every Body

  1. Yes girl. I don’t wear tea length skirts or capris. They both cut off at a bad place for short people. Emphasizes the shortness in a bad way. Spencer says capris make girls legs look like drumsticks. Ha!

  2. I’m with you. No shorts on this body. I usually don’t wear fitted t-shirts either, but I found one at Old Navy about a year ago that I LOVE and wear all the time; I think it is the neck line and the lines on the t-shirt that make it so flattering.

    Can color count as something you shouldn’t wear? I can’t wear anything on top except black. When I do I am asking for trouble. Well, maybe not trouble, but definitely snickering looks from others as they notice the sweat pooling in my arm and boob pits. Six pregnancies have done a number on my body and I sweat all the time. Gross.

    1. I think color can count. Please don’t think I’m rude for LOLing at your sweat remarks! It’s just hard not to laugh at “boob pits”. I hate that for you, though. But it does give you the opportunity to add colorful necklaces or earrings. 🙂

  3. I am completely with you on the blinged out jeans – no desire at all to call attention to my rear end! I have JUST come around to fitted tees, but I am highly selective when it comes to them. I just don’t really like anything that I feel is too clingy on me.

    Such a great series, Candy! I am truly enjoying it.

  4. I’ve pretty much decided I can’t wear anything sleeveless. I have very narrow shoulders and I wear bras from the kids section–so way too-loose, gaping arm holes are universal and they’re not flattering at all! I go for styles with sleeves only.

    1. I never thought about that as an issue. I’m not narrow in the shoulders and I have that problem sometimes too, so I can see how it would be. So the other day I had that problem with a dress I was wearing and my friend let me borrow a strapless, stretchy, bandeau type bra that I put on over my strapless bra. It was nearly the same color as the dress so it just looked like part of it. It was a great solution!

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