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31 Days: Day to Night – Is This You?

Because I work from home, I don’t have many occasions to take my look from day to night, but it strikes me how often I see this idea in print. Is this what ladies who work in offices struggle with? Are they constantly bustling from work to parties? And who is taking care of their children? Or is that just what single people with no children do?

I do not know the answers to these questions, but I’d like to explore how to go from a daytime look to a nighttime look.
Let’s look at one dress and give it the typical day-to-night options:

day or night?

Typically the look on the left would be considered a day look. The height of the heels, the black and white palette, the soft, comfy sweater — all are very office friendly. To take this look to night, we let her keep the dress, but added leggings so the dress is more of a tunic. We also gave her a trendy moto jacket and a pop of color with the booties. The larger earrings and spiky necklace add a little drama.
So while both looks use the same dress, the lady wearing the clothes on the left is viewed as responsible and professional whereas the lady wearing the look on the right might get the stink eye if she showed up to the office like that. In theory this is the same lady, just with different accessories. 
Once you decide what your fashion personality is, you can easily add some jewelry or makeup or accessories to take your look up a notch for an evening. If you haven’t figured it out yet, here’s a few pointers:

1. Beware of adding too much drama. 
It’s very fun to be able to change your look or wear something you don’t normally wear, but you want to stay recognizable. If you choose “going out” clothes that are nothing like you’ve ever worn people may not even recognize you. And that’s only good if it’s Halloween.

2. Beware of not adding enough drama.
If you are going out at night, it is presumably to have fun. So have fun with your look, too. Take a chance on something you wouldn’t normally wear. Make it special, but make it you.

3. Know what you are doing
By this I mean: know what your plans are for the evening. If you are going to be walking all night or on your feet all night, this might not be the right time to wear the new 4 inch heels.

I like having occasions to dress up for. And by “dress up for” I mostly mean “put on makeup” for. But for me, having occasions on occasion is quite enough. I’m glad I’m not one of those ladies always bustling around from work to parties. You know, those ladies I decided must exist but probably I’m making up? I don’t want to be a made up lady.

Are you one of those made up ladies? Do you often have to make your ‘day look’ into a ‘night look’?

2 thoughts on “31 Days: Day to Night – Is This You?

  1. Great board! Are you very disappointed with me though that i thought the left side was “night” and the right was “day”? I thought the sweater looked so sophisticated and the jewelry so classic that it would be great for a benefit or fundraiser event in the evening and the leather & leggings looked like something I would wear to toddler playgroup during the day, I never could’ve worn this to the office, far too casual for my old office environment.

    1. You bring up a very good point. When I was putting the board together that’s exactly what I was thinking – each look could go either way depending on your day job or what you had planned for the evening. The dress and cardigan plus the lower heel is more of a traditional look which is why it would be expected in an office environment, but I think it wouldn’t look out of place at all for a conservative evening event. The “night” look is pretty comfy so I think it could be flexible, too. No disappointment here!

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