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31 Days: Concert Style

In a parallel universe I am roadie. Or a rock star. But probably a roadie.

In this universe, I just really dig concerts. Prior to becoming parents, my husband and I spent our time and money on going to shows and seeing our favorite bands. These days we aren’t quite where we used to be as far as our concert schedule is concerned, but as our girls get older and we grow roots enough here to have trustworthy kid sitters, we are able to go out more and more.

Last night I went to a concert (on a school night!) with friend of mine, who luckily could be my “date” when we realized my hubs might not be up for a late night as he had run a half marathon that morning.

The concert was Michael Franti & Spearhead, who’ve been on my radar since 2009 when they played at yoga thing I attended in San Francisco. (You might have heard “Say Hey” as it’s been in a couple of movies.) He’s super cool and the music was great and all has a positive message and we just had a super awesome time. I’ll definitely catch them the next time they are in Houston. And I’ll probably bring at least one of my children. It was good times for sure.

So every time I go to a concert, I’m a little unsure of what to wear. I love any chance to give my rocker-chick-side a moment, but I still want to look like myself. I also know I’ll be dancing around (I just can’t help myself) so I want to be comfortable. But I don’t want to wear anything that’s going to drag the floor or get ruined by the inevitable spilled drink. So many problems in my life, right?

This look is inspired by what I wore last night:

i love rock n roll

The pants are jeggings but read like a skinny jean, so very comfy. A pattern boxy tee is nice to look at and covers what I want to be covered. I have super cool mid-calf moto boots I got for a steal a couple months ago, so they needed to be worn. And they are right on trend = bonus.

Are you a concert goer? Do you agonize over your concert clothes or do you have a go-to look? (And if you don’t go to concerts I’m going to need to know more about that… they are one of my favorite things…)