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31 Days: Are You In or Are You Out?

So maybe this isn’t exactly a tip, but it’s relevant to the topic and needs to be addressed.

I hear a lot of women my age make remarks about their lack of style or fashion sense. This makes me think that somewhere along the way our ideas about what is fashionable versus what we should be wearing got mixed up. I could not find the source of this quote, but I’ve seen this bit o’ wisdom popping up a lot lately:

Here’s the thing: even if your fashion personality isn’t “Classic”, within each personality many of the looks are classic and timeless. You are only truly “out of fashion” when you take a look that was super trendy and wear it past it’s prime. What changes are the silhouettes — the lines — of what designers are putting out from season to season, as well as the colors. Within those silhouettes there will be something that fits all fashion personalities. And a lot of it will be wearable for a very long time.
If you want to look put together and not dated but you don’t want to go shopping every three or six months, stay away from things that are super trendy. If you are my age, you might not have a choice – I mean, have you seen that crop tops are back in?? Just say no. Just no.
If you are wearing clothes that fit your body and fit your personality and you are getting dressed on purpose, you are probably more “in” than you think you are.

And if you feel good in whatever you are wearing? You are so in, babe.

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