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Giving Up Works for Me.

Do you ever have one of those days when you just want to give up? I mean seriously just give up. On everything. If the answer is no, then clearly you do not have a three year old.

Well, it’s not fair to blame it all on her, but let me tell you – that girl wears me out. And so today, after I’d just had a crap day during which I decided I am horrible at everything, I decided to give up. Give up on making her take a nap since she didn’t have one at school and is cranky now. Give on on not giving her a snack because if I do she won’t eat her dinner. Give up on making dinner and just order pizza instead. Just give up.

You know what? It was like a vacation…

I try so hard to give my children the best and do what is best for them and their development — as I’m sure all moms do — that sometimes I forget to take a break. Because even when I’m not doing something I’m thinking about what I will do next or what I should be doing and that is not a break.

So while I sit and sip on a beverage, she is making a lovely picture.

I gave up and discovered that sometimes, for me, that is the key to having a lovely afternoon.

6 thoughts on “Giving Up Works for Me.

  1. yes! sometimes you just need to zone out! that’s why i’m reading blog posts right now instead of doing whatever i am supposed to be doing.

  2. Yes, taking a break is important! We all need a break from routine every once in a while and a chance to recharge and refresh and to make sure we choose our battles (that applies even with the 8 and 11 year old).

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