3 Quick Tips to Help You Look Better Than You Feel

I am not fairing well with the start of the new school year. Though I may feel like a zombie, it’s just not OK for me to look like one, too.

So here are three little things I do to fool myself (and everyone else) into thinking I feel better than I actually do:

1. Change out of those jammies

I love comfortable clothes, but I’m not in college anymore. It is not OK to wear pajamas in public. I don’t care if you slept in yoga pants and a t-shirt — take ’em off. Pretty much anything you put on is better than what you slept in.

And while I’m on the subject, don’t be afraid of skirts and dresses. They are a great feminine alternative to shorts and just as easy to wear with a t-shirt (just not the same shirt you slept in).

2. Accessorize

Nothing wakes up your face like a pair of earrings. It takes less than a minute to put those cute hoops in but it will pay off all morning by making you look more put together than you feel. (BONUS POINTS: have 30 more seconds? Grab a necklace, too.)

3. Take care of your face

So on school mornings, all I do is splash my face with water and moisturize. I use my tinted moisturizer to give me a hint of life and, because my eyelashes are very light, I use my (cheap) eyelash curler and then just touch the ends with mascara. It’s enough to make me look like I’m not sick and takes 30 seconds or less.

OK, so I didn’t mention hair… My hair is super short so what works for me won’t work for you and vice versa. But pony tails are very acceptable, as are hair pins. Looking a little greasy and saving your shower for after the gym? Put a little baby powder in your hair. It absorbs the oil and gives you a bonus of a little extra volume. If your hair is dark, corn starch might leave your hair looking less dusty than baby powder and serves the same purpose. Or add “dry shampoo” to your grocery list. Dry shampoos are easier to find these days than they used to be, so your local grocery store might even have one.

What are your go-to tricks in the morning to look more put together than you feel? What is your biggest challenge in looking less like a zombie and more like a mommy?