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The “Kids” We Don’t Talk About.

I feel that I am established enough of a person and secure enough in my maturity to really be out in the open about something here. I felt like today was the right time to talk about it because later this week I am going to be staring this issue square in the face.

I think there are a lot of women in my age group who can truly relate to me on this, although I know some can’t at all. I want you all to know my blog is a safe place to discuss this topic, so I’ll start:

I love New Kids on the Block. 

Now I realize most women my age don’t talk about their love for boy bands and I really don’t either, but  let’s be free, girls. Let’s openly reminisce about those days in our teens when we thought Jordan Knight was the “cutest” boy ever. Let jump right into those memories of swooning when we heard “I’ll be Lovin’ You” on the radio or jumping up when we caught a glimpse of the Five Hardest Working Kids in Show Business on TV. You know, back when you had to watch TV live unless you read about something in TV Guide and knew how to program your VCR. And had blank tapes.

NKOTB love was serious business for me. I grew up in a small town and there wasn’t much else to keep my attention. Well, that and I was being treated for cancer, so it gave me something fun to focus on at the time. I even got to go back stage for a “Meet & Greet” thanks to an organization called Arkansas Children’s Dreams. Sadly, in that era of actual film when all we had was a cheapo camera, my picture with my beloved Jordan did not come out. I may have been smack dab in the middle of cancer treatments, but the way that picture came out was the worst tragedy of my life at the time. See?

Oh, 1990. Why did you toy with me so?

Whatever. I got over it. (Clearly.) But I did not get over my infatuation with the Five Bad Brothers from the Beantown Land. Oh no. In my youth I was fortunate enough to attend three NKOTB concerts in Little Rock. My friend Gretchen will gladly give you the dates and venues of each – that’s just how her brain works. She and I have attended three New Kids concerts together.

This Thursday will mark my sixth NKOTB concert. The math doesn’t add up you say? Oh. It’s possible I may have attended two New Kids concerts already as an adult… ahem.

(Yes, I do remember my post all about Eddie Vedder. I am a complex woman with many interests.)

Don’t judge me. I declared this a safe place, remember?

Now ladies (and gents?), let me hear from you: Who was your favorite New Kid and why? 

6 thoughts on “The “Kids” We Don’t Talk About.

  1. Donnie Walberg was my man! A friend of mine and I had a plan that when we turned 16 and got our driver’s licenses we were going to drive to Boston and camp out on Donnie and Jordan’s lawns until they inevitably (and quickly) fell in love with us. Ha! I can’t say I share your love of NKOTB today. I fondly remember the deep love I had for them circa 1988, but they just don’t do it for me today. I did finally get to meet them (read: check there wardrobes [my job] before going on-set for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)…and still…nothing. I do think it’s cute that you still love them so deeply!

  2. LMBO!(Candy and Armando) Safe zone or not…I don’t need Hangin’ Tough stuck in my head ever again. 😉 And Mark has diddly on Donnie!

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