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The Day I Nearly Lost It.

I was at my eye doctor for a follow up visit. Because of my irritated/ing eyes I am changing contacts. We haven’t yet settled on a new brand so I needed to schedule another appointment. I reached into my bag to get my phone so I could put the new appointment on my calendar and…

It. Wasn’t. There.

This kind of thing doesn’t happen to me. I’m responsible and mindful and very OCD about making sure I have everything with me all the time. Where could it be?

I was trying to play it totally cool so the young lady making my appointment didn’t think I was a total freak. Because I’m not. It’s just a phone, right?

I’ll just call my husband real quick to see if I left it at home. DAMMIT. I can’t. I don’t have my phone. And I don’t want to seem like a freak. So I can’t ask to use their phone. Dammit. 

I had to go to the chiropractor next, which happens to be right next door. So, I thought, “No problem – I’ll just get my adjustment and go home. Dr. Amy is really fast. I can solve this mystery soon.” However… I was early. Dr. Amy wasn’t there yet. So I had to sit and wait for her. WITH NO PHONE.

Maybe I can look at a magazine or count the floor tiles or um, OH MY GOD HOW DID PEOPLE EVER WAIT FOR ANYTHING EVER BEFORE THEY HAD IPHONES.

Did I leave it in the exam room at the eye doctor? Maybe my car? Did I have it with me when I left my house?

I tried some awkward small talk with the receptionist. Four very long minutes later, my chiropractor walked in. I got my adjustment and never mentioned my missing phone, because, hey – I’m sure it’s at home, right? So breezy.

I was keeping a totally normal pace as I walked out of the office to get to my car to go home and CHECK ON MY PHONE. I was in no rush. Breezy. Totally. I just happened to notice it was 2:22, which meant I left home roughly 77 minutes ago. I mean, if you’re counting. But I wasn’t. Because I was breezy.

No stupid cars were taking their sweet time as I tried to pull out of the parking lot to make the 2.5 mile drive home. Not even like 30 of them. I put on some tunes to take my mind off the situation. Not that there was a situation. You know. Whatever.

I stopped and got the mail. I took my time and backed into the garage (because that’s safer). I casually got out of my car and strolled inside to the kitchen. My phone was totally plugged into the charger just waiting for me.

Just like I knew it was.

No, YOU have a problem. 

8 thoughts on “The Day I Nearly Lost It.

  1. I am cracking up at this! One time I left my phone on the charger at home (I remembered about 5 minutes into the drive) but I knew I couldn’t turn around and get it, so I had to go the whole afternoon without it. I started going through withdraw symptoms about15 minutes later.

    I was sure when I finally got home my phone would be blowing up with missed calls, missed texts, and missed Facebook, Twitter and Instagram notifications. Nope. Nothing. *sigh*

    Oh, and happy blogiversary!

  2. As someone who just recently could not find her wallet and had a total freak-out I completely related to this post! And I also laughed out loud! Stopping by from the SITS Sharefest on Twitter.-Ashley

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