The Day I Nearly Lost It.

I was at my eye doctor for a follow up visit. Because of my irritated/ing eyes I am changing contacts. We haven’t yet settled on a new brand so I needed to schedule another appointment. I reached into my bag to get my phone so I could put the new appointment on my calendar and…

It. Wasn’t. There.

This kind of thing doesn’t happen to me. I’m responsible and mindful and very OCD about making sure I have everything with me all the time. Where could it be?

I was trying to play it totally cool so the young lady making my appointment didn’t think I was a total freak. Because I’m not. It’s just a phone, right?

I’ll just call my husband real quick to see if I left it at home. DAMMIT. I can’t. I don’t have my phone. And I don’t want to seem like a freak. So I can’t ask to use their phone. Dammit. 

I had to go to the chiropractor next, which happens to be right next door. So, I thought, “No problem – I’ll just get my adjustment and go home. Dr. Amy is really fast. I can solve this mystery soon.” However… I was early. Dr. Amy wasn’t there yet. So I had to sit and wait for her. WITH NO PHONE.

Maybe I can look at a magazine or count the floor tiles or um, OH MY GOD HOW DID PEOPLE EVER WAIT FOR ANYTHING EVER BEFORE THEY HAD IPHONES.

Did I leave it in the exam room at the eye doctor? Maybe my car? Did I have it with me when I left my house?

I tried some awkward small talk with the receptionist. Four very long minutes later, my chiropractor walked in. I got my adjustment and never mentioned my missing phone, because, hey – I’m sure it’s at home, right? So breezy.

I was keeping a totally normal pace as I walked out of the office to get to my car to go home and CHECK ON MY PHONE. I was in no rush. Breezy. Totally. I just happened to notice it was 2:22, which meant I left home roughly 77 minutes ago. I mean, if you’re counting. But I wasn’t. Because I was breezy.

No stupid cars were taking their sweet time as I tried to pull out of the parking lot to make the 2.5 mile drive home. Not even like 30 of them. I put on some tunes to take my mind off the situation. Not that there was a situation. You know. Whatever.

I stopped and got the mail. I took my time and backed into the garage (because that’s safer). I casually got out of my car and strolled inside to the kitchen. My phone was totally plugged into the charger just waiting for me.

Just like I knew it was.

No, YOU have a problem. 


  1. Dude. Serious twitchy feeling thinking about being without my phone!! Glad you were reunited!

    Stopping in from SITS!

  2. I am cracking up at this! One time I left my phone on the charger at home (I remembered about 5 minutes into the drive) but I knew I couldn’t turn around and get it, so I had to go the whole afternoon without it. I started going through withdraw symptoms about15 minutes later.

    I was sure when I finally got home my phone would be blowing up with missed calls, missed texts, and missed Facebook, Twitter and Instagram notifications. Nope. Nothing. *sigh*

    Oh, and happy blogiversary!

  3. That sounds like a nightmare to me too! I’d be so lost without my phone for so many reasons! Stopping by today via the sharefest.

  4. As someone who just recently could not find her wallet and had a total freak-out I completely related to this post! And I also laughed out loud! Stopping by from the SITS Sharefest on Twitter.-Ashley