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My High School Reunion.

I need to start by saying I’ve never really been to a high school reunion. At the five year mark we had a gathering, but I’m not sure it was a “high school reunion” though I do understand the act of old classmates reuniting may have made it so. So count that if you want to – I’m not going to fight you on that one.

At ten years from high school graduation I have no idea if anyone did anything. If they did, I wasn’t invited. I was living in Florida and I went to high school in Arkansas so it’s not like I could have just hopped on a plane anyway. Because you have to pay for that. 
At the 15 year mark, I don’t even know. Do people do things at a 15 year anniversary? Who knows. 
Well. That is all very much in the past. This weekend my high school class is having our 20 year reunion. And I am not going to be there.

Now my reasons are strictly logistical — I live in Houston and the town where I attended high school is at least a 10 hour drive from here. And I have a 7 year old and a 3 year old. I can’t just up and leave any time I want to. And? Greers Ferry is at the very least one and a half hours from an airport, so flying in is a little complicated and can become very expensive once you add a car rental. 
So it was just not going to happen since I have neither an abundance of money nor time.
I was disappointed when I realized this because of course there are people I’d love to see, but then I stopped to think: did I really need to go?
I love high school reunion movies. I love how the main character goes to see all the people she hasn’t seen since graduation and finds out what they’ve been up to and if they are normal (or not) or how different they look or whatever. But the thing is, the high school reunion movies I love? Were made before Facebook. 
Now that we have Facebook, there is no discovery taking place at the high school reunion. There is no mystery. No excitement. Just people who mostly haven’t seen each other in person in a long time, but know everything about each other’s lives because they read it on the internet.
No, that’s not weird at all.
So, to the Greers Ferry West Side class of 1993: I apologize for not traveling 10 hours in my car with my two young children to see you this weekend. But I did see Boys II Men in concert this week with New Kids on the Block, and it made me think of you. But you know that already.

Because you read it on Facebook.

Me 20 years ago. There is glue on the picture.
Also? That is not a perm. That’s post-chemo hair.

4 thoughts on “My High School Reunion.

  1. I live within an hour of my HS but have not gone to any of the reunions. I already keep in touch with those I want to and am just not curious enough to worry about the rest – plus I have better ways to spend the 75 bucks per ticket šŸ™‚

  2. I went to my ten year reunion and it was AMAZING!! 20 year not so much. 25th should be this year but I haven’t heard whether we are having one or not! I live 1300+ miles away and have 3 kids so probably wouldn’t even attempt to go.

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