Feeling Helpless? Here are some ways to help tornado victims.

My family and I moved to the outskirts of Tornado Alley when I was in 3rd grade. Prior to that year I didn’t even know what a tornado was, except for what I’d seen in The Wizard of Oz.

As I progressed through elementary school and on through high school, I noticed a fear that came over a lot of my school mates anytime the weather turned questionable. In fact, there were times that parents would take their children out of school just because there was a threat of severe weather in the area. You see, before I moved there, the town was hit by a tornado that was so strong it took out the bridge into the town. People died. In fact when I first visited the area with my family, they had to use a ferry to get across the lake or drive all the way around it to get to in or out of town.

This happened nearly 30 years ago and people who lived there at the time remember it like it was yesterday. And though Greers Ferry, Arkansas has not been abused by the weather as badly as Moore, Oklahoma, the town has had a couple more, also serious, tornadoes since then.

These traumatic events will forever be a part of those affected. My heart hurts for those in Moore and I want to help. If you want to find a way to help, too, here are some resources for you to shine your light into the lives of those who are dealing with so much darkness now:

They state that funds will go directly to helping those affected. On their site they have instructions for donations of a few, very specific items. The preference and suggestion at this time, however, is for monetary donations. Links and mailing addresses are listed on the site.

Again they are requesting monetary donations above all else. There are several options for payments on their site. All funds will be directed to relief efforts.

Donor’s Choose has a special online fund directed at the schools and teachers of Moore. This fund will help them restock their classrooms and help their students recover.

Some of my other Texas Blogger friends are also posting ways to help our neighbors to the north. Help if you can.

As always but especially now when this tragedy is still fresh on our hearts, be wary of anyone asking for money in a seemingly “unofficial” way. Unfortunately some folks use these events to prey on generous folks. 


  1. Thanks for this list, Candy! Is it just me, or does it seem like these natural disasters are happening all the time lately?? Thank God for people who take the time to help like yourself. We need each other more than ever in these devastating moments.

    • It does seem like they are happening all the time. As a spectator it feels overwhelming – I can only imagine what those who are directly affected feel like.