Tips for Treating Allergy Eyes {Giveaway!}

Disclosure: The interview for this post was made possible by VSP Vision Care. I have not been compensated for it, but was provided with a promotional item for my readers. See full disclosure below.

Those of you who know me in real life have seen me wearing my glasses quite a lot lately, but have I told you why? My allergies have been making it very difficult for me to wear my contacts for a full day at a time. Are you having this problem, too? I mean seriously, my eyes are watering so much as I write this I can hardly see. 

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with an eye doctor specifically about this problem. Dr. Jing Han is a a VSP Vision Care optometrist based in Folsom, California, at Healthy Eyes Optometry. He confirmed for me that his patients usually complain the most about allergy eyes in the spring and fall because that’s when most things are blooming. The complaints he hears in the winter months are about dry eyes. I happen to fall under both categories… which means I can only see in the summer, I guess.

Because I have eye problems so often, I wanted to know how he knows if eye irritation is caused by allergens or something else. The way he explained it, it seems it’s the itching that is the tell tale sign. Swelling with itching could also occur in a more severe reaction to an allergen. Itching may also be present with an eye infection, but would likely have other symptoms as well.

Have you every had an eye doctor put colored drops in your eyes? This, along with a high-power microscope, helps the eye doctor observe the contour of the tissue underneath the eyelid so they can determine if it’s allergies bothering you or something more serious. At that point you can discuss with your doctor the best way to treat your symptoms. Some of Dr. Han’s suggestions to comfort allergy affected eyes are cold compresses, prescription eye drops, and wearing sunglasses outside to shield your eyes from the allergens flying around.

Dr. Han told me that contact wearers definitely have more allergy related eye problems than those who don’t wear contacts. Apparently the contacts themselves can even be the cause of an allergy. (Fantastic news, by the way.) So along with changing your contacts on the schedule recommended by your eye doctor, he suggests that you be consistent with hand washing before handling your contacts and if you normally sleep with your contacts in, don’t do it during allergy season. Rewetting drops can also help. 

I have problems sometimes even with my glasses on, so I asked him what I could do to help. He suggested keeping the proper allergy eye drops handy year round. Dr. Han said not to wait until my annual eye exam if I’m having problems, but to see my eye doctor right away to get started on a treatment plan.

So I will be scheduling that appointment with my eye doctor very soon, but also? I’m going to rock the shades. I mean, the doctor said I have to wear sunglasses, right? Do you need some shades to rock, too? I can help you with that…

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Full Disclosure Statement: VSP Vision care coordinated both the interview with Dr. Han and the availability of the giveaway item. Information in this article is the direct result of my interview with Dr. Han. I have received no compensation for this post, though – coincidentally – VSP is the insurance my family and I use. Also? You may give me your super cool shades if you win them. I have no problem with re-gifting. 😉


  1. Yes, the whole purpose of this post was to give you the opportunity to make that joke (that still makes me laugh).

    You know, I’m no doctor, but they probably would help more with dry eyes than allergy eyes. Just sayin’.

  2. Yes! I have been wearing my glasses more and using drops for weeks!

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