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Following my Light to #Blissdom

I think it was on Twitter that I first discovered the One Little Word movement. As soon as I read about it, I knew my OLW for 2013 was “light” — I had just written a post about “being the light” and it really stuck with me. It was around that same time that I took a big step in following my own light and registered for my very first blog conference.

When I registered for the Blissdom conference, I didn’t realize all that it had to offer or the esteem in which it was held. I feel very unqualified to attend, but very lucky I have the resources to do so. I really don’t know where the experience will take me but I do know I am heading in the right direction. My attempt to walk the talk has made me realize I need to write. I need to write more and I need to write better.

I am a writer. 

I didn’t always know I was a writer. Or maybe I did but I didn’t have the confidence to embrace that voice inside of me trying to get out. But I’m 38 and I’m too old to not do something because I’m scared to do it or I think it’s not practical. At this point in my life I am not going to waste time on fear and things I wish I could do. I’m just going to do them. (When my kids are in school or napping obviously – Let’s not get too crazy here.)

I may never write anything other than posts for this blog, but I know for certain that the truest way I can connect to the world is with the written word. Getting it right when I write makes up for all the times I stumble in conversations trying to get the right words out at the right time. Everyday I am becoming more of my myself and know I am on my way to living a more authentic life, which may indeed be my personal nirvana. (Not the Kurt Cobain kind, my Gen X friends.)

I wrote a post a while ago that was featured (for like a day) on BlogHer about a blogger reality show. The impetus for the post was my frustration of not knowing what to do next to get my blog where I wanted it to be. My first blog conference might just be that thing.

I finally had some time to read on our trip to Costa Rica and finished Daring Greatly by Brenè Brown. I think I timed that just right.

9 thoughts on “Following my Light to #Blissdom

  1. I am SO glad I was able to meet you. I hope you had a great time, learned some things and made new friendships.

    You are darling. 🙂

    1. Ruthanne! You are so great – I’m so glad I was able to meet YOU. I definitely learned some things, but meeting wonderful people like you (and from AR to boot!) was the icing the ginormous cake. I hope to see you again one day!

  2. I remembered when I actually said that to myself, then finally out loud to someone else, “I am a writer.” it was profound. So great to meet you!

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