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But I’m in Costa Rica!

I’m taking a few minutes this evening to be publicly thankful for the lack of howling wind (or monkeys) tonight. Last night the wind was blowing so hard and whistling so loudly that not only did I think it might blow the house down, but it scared the bejeezus out of my nearly 7 year-old daughter. So much so that she requested to sleep in our bed, which meant my husband had to go sleep on her twin bed so the nearly 3 year-old wouldn’t be all alone. And I’m very glad I wore a sweater today because it’s a bit chilly here.

BUT I’M IN COSTA RICA. People. I kid you not. We found the cold place in Costa Rica.

But we are having a good time. The girls are having so much fun with their grandparents. And just a couple days ago we were sleeping on the edge of the rainforest overlooking the the Pacific Ocean after having spent the majority of said day at said ocean. And there was only one gecko in the house. And the howler monkeys only woke me up a few times. Each night. And the power was on almost the whole time. So it was pretty cool. See?

The beach where we played.
That’s the ocean beyond the land.

Again, that’s the ocean. It kind of all melts together, doesn’t it?

So we’ve been busy.

So much so that I neglected to share all about the 10K I ran two days before we left. (Take that, 5K!) I was pretty sure I was going to die. Or fall over in a dramatic fashion. But I did neither of those things because I ran with a great friend and super cool person (Thanks, Cathy!).

We are wrapping up our latest Costa Rican adventure right now and then I’m on to a new adventure (Blissdom), so my schedule remains unusually full for the next week or so. But don’t worry about me – if I have trouble falling asleep tonight I’ll just start counting my blessings. I know I’ll fall asleep before I can finish.