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And a Happy New Year to You, Too.

We did it, guys! We made it to 2013! Those stupid Mayans didn’t know anything. Or the people who thought they knew something about the Mayans didn’t know anything. One of those.

But really: Congratulations. We did it. We should feel proud. Or at least I keep telling myself that.

Every new year, every birthday, every milestone really does feel like a victory at this stage in my life. And why shouldn’t it? We aren’t guaranteed anything you know. I think people do have an innate sense for this, even if they don’t openly embrace that idea. Why else would we set “resolutions” for ourselves every year? Why else would we take this opportunity to improve ourselves and our lives?

Last year I made a commitment to myself instead of making any resolutions. I think I did OK. I mean, I started a regular exercise routine (and can now run 3 miles – BOOM), I started working (very part time), and I decided that I need to focus more on writing. A year ago I wasn’t exercising at all, I had no income, and had no idea if this blog (or any of my writing) had a place in my life at all. So there.

So I guess for 2013 I don’t necessarily have any resolutions, either. But I do have a plan.

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No, not that kind of plan, silly.

My plan is to keep the good things I’ve started. My plan is to fight the darkness and stay in the light. My plan is to not lose what I gained in 2012. (Unless we’re talking LBS – am I right, ladies? *winky face*)
And I’m going to write more. And I’m going to run more. And I’m going to Disney World.
And I’m going to potty train my daughter. Whether she likes it or not. 

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