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Today is My Birthday – I Get One Every Year.

{First person to tell me where I got the title for this post wins a big NoPrize.}

So I did it. I made it another year. Woo hoo. I was born 38 years ago today. It was cold then, too. But more importantly? In two years I’ll be 40.

Let’s all take a moment to freak out a little. That’s right: 40. When the crap did that happen? For the record, I am freaked out by the quick passage of time, not by the number. I am not really all about my birthday or anything (in fact this year it’s just getting in my way) but I am proud of my age and that I’ve made it this far.

But here is the for real deal: For my 40th birthday there will be a *huge* party. And you are invited. So start saving your pennies, folks! I expect you to be in Houston January 2015. I should probably tell you that my definition of “huge party” may not be the same as yours. But whatever. It will be legendary. For me. And you if you’re there. This part is important — you are invited even if we’ve never met, because that’s how I roll.

So… I don’t really have the details worked out yet (is it obvious?) but I’ll figure it out. See, here’s the thing: January 2015 will mark 25 years since my cancer diagnosis. That’s something, isn’t it? You’re saving your pennies now, aren’t you? Also, I’ll be 40. Some folks think that’s something, too.

But for now I’ll be embracing 38 and trying to pack for Disney World. The partying will have to wait a while this year, but hey, at my age I’m not sure I’d last very long anyway. Ha. Ha Ha. Old jokes are funny.

6 thoughts on “Today is My Birthday – I Get One Every Year.

  1. Sounds like it will be quite the bash! And quite the reason to celebrate! Let me know how WDW goes with your two little ones…hope you all have a blast! – Corinne

  2. It’s a No Doubt song, right? And Ok. I’ll be there. There will be merlot and cheese, right? Or at least fries, spaghetti and milk…Wow. 25 years.

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