Running Only Gets You So Far.

Did you catch the part where I can now run 3 miles? That’s without stopping, people. We call that a 5k. And I’m going to run my first official race ever when we go to Disney World. Unless you count what I ran for track in high school, and I don’t because I was so SO awful.

Ok, I need to stop for a moment. Honestly, I’m a little bothered by my choice of words there. Mostly the use of “first” which makes it seem like there will be more races for me in the future. Hrmph. But the real point here is I did the training and now I can run 3.1 miles without stopping or feeling like I’m going to die. (But NOT without feeling like I’m going to pass out. There is a difference.) But that is not enough to prepare me for a family trip to Walt Disney World.

The impetus for this so-called vacation was my husband’s desire to run another marathon. He decided Disney World was the best place to do that, but I think it’s only because there is a super cool medal since this is the 20th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Marathon. So we are planning for: his marathon, my 5k, and a race for each of the girls. AND OUR FIRST FAMILY VACATION EVER. To Disney World. All of that at the same time. Does that stress anyone else out?

Maybe it’s just my “unique” way of processing things, or maybe it’s because all of the packing for a family trip usually falls on the mom, but I’m finding the preparation for this trip to be quite overwhelming. Not everything – our flights and accommodations are fine, we’ve made some dinner reservations and have an outline for what we plan to do each day. The thing that is sending me over the edge? What to wear. Seriously.

My Biggest Obstacle.

See, the thing is if we were going out on a one day excursion I’m sure I could find clothes for all of us that would meet the level of comfort and appropriateness required. But for 6 days in a row? Doesn’t exist. We don’t have that many clothes for that kind of event. Maybe the girls do, but I don’t. So this is my wall. Packing is what’s going to do me in.

Of course I’m open to suggestions, but I will not consider wearing my running clothes… They are all very fitted and I would feel naked walking around “the most magical place on earth” in only that.  I’m a modest gal and feel most at home in my jeans. But the jeans I have either don’t fit me or won’t work with the shoes that will be necessary for our daily treks through WDW… Clearly the only answer here is shopping. Lots of shopping. Sorry, hon.


  1. But, honey, that’s the WHOLE reason I wrote this blog post.

  2. We just got back from Disney and honestly my husband and I both shopped before we left. (sorry to your husband) It’s best to wear very comfortable, layered clothes that dry easily. A lot of the rides involve water and even if you skip those, it rains all the time there. So my second suggestion is to buy nice ponchos for everyone before you leave or go to target or walmart there when you get there and pick some up with mickey on them. You can wear them on the water rides or just have them handy for the rain that will happen. Plus all the walmarts and Targets there have disney tourist sections where you can get stuff like disney character autograph books for 1/3 of the price as in the park. Have fun!

  3. I liked your fb page from the blissdom group and then was drawn here by the title. I’m also a fairly new runner. And this sounds like so much fun, but yes….the packing that YOU have to do is giving ME heart palpitations. GOOD LUCK.

    • Thanks, Greta! I love the name of your blog – I liked your page *immediately* when I saw that name… I haven’t run in a few days so now I’m worried I’m not going to last 3 miles! But yes on the heart palpitations. VERY yes. Hope to meet you at Blissdom!