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It’s “Only a 5k”.

So listen.

I fully understand that this “race” I’ve signed up for is “only” a “5k”. I “understand” that real “runners” can run a “5k” in their sleep and that it should be “easy”. But here’s the thing: it’s “not”.

Do you hear me runners of the world??? IT’S NOT.

Finding the time to run at least 30 minutes even twice a week when you have two young children and are the person responsible for the day to day household operations is pretty damn difficult. Especially when you are “out of shape” and “lazy”. And like “wine”. {What?}

My point is… this is a big deal for the non-runners among us. I’d like to be a “runner” – I think that’d be cool. But I’m not really a “runner”. I just want to run a minimal distance without a major medical catastrophe. You dig? So on Friday morning, if you feel a little pang in your chest, that? Is ME. Reaching through to YOU, my fellow non-runner. But know that I am doing it. I am running anyway. I am going the distance without a worry of a major medical catastrophe.

And you can do it, “too”.

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