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Leftover Fish at 3:45PM.

Nobody tells you this is what life really is. Nobody tells you it’s all rushing around and wiping noses and keeping people fed and running three miles and vacuuming the house. Nobody tells you your lunch will be a piece of leftover fish that you will eat at 3:45PM while your toddler naps because she was excessively cranky and did not nap at preschool and you wonder if you need to text your neighbors to get your six year old off the school bus that will be arriving in, oh, about 20 minutes now. (The answer is yes.)

Nobody tells you these things.

Do you know why nobody tells you these things? There is no time. There is this moment and the next and the next and in each of these moments we — mothers — are getting the job done. We are doing what we have to do and then doing the next thing that needs to be done. And this is life. This is REAL life.

We carry on. We do it. We parent. We mother. We partner. We clean. Occasionally we eat leftover fish at 3:45PM. And sometimes we blog about it.