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I will pay you to potty train my child. Kidding. (Not kidding.)

I have two beautiful daughters. My first daughter was nearly completely potty trained by the time she was eighteen months old. It was amazing. I was a stay at home mom and she was my only child, so I was really able to focus on regular trips to the potty. Also, she is very obedient – I think that was a key component.

My second daughter… Well. She’s cute.

She will be three in four months. She is NOT potty trained. And she doesn’t care. Also? Not very obedient. I think this is a key component.

Things change when you add children to the mix, but things change with every child added to said mix.  So easy-peasy potty training turns in to “I forgot to put her on the potty. Again.”

I cloth diapered my second darling daughter and thought that would assist us with early potty training. It did not. Now she is too big for those cloth diapers and I’m not willing to buy cloth trainers because I feel like we are so close to having her in underwear. It’s possible I’ve miscalculated. But I am so SICK of Pull-ups. They smell weird. Ugh.

I don’t really know what to do about this. I’m trying to be casual because I figure eventually she’ll get it and care, right? I mean, I don’t think too many kids are wearing diapers in high school. Maybe they are, I don’t know what kids are in to these days. But either way, I’m just not sure what more I can do to make her dislike peeing in her weird smelling pull-up.

She’ll sit on the potty and I’ll tell her, “I need you to pee pee in the potty right now.” And she’ll say, “Okay.”And then she sits. And sits. Aaaannddduh sits. She doesn’t argue about it. (Mostly. She does have those moment when she just goes completely limp and screams and hollers and won’t let me put her on the toilet, much less remove her wet, smelly pull-up.) The non-arguing is part of what is so frustrating. She just doesn’t care. And I can’t say that I really blame her. I’ve had days when it would have been much easier if I was wearing a pull-up. I’m a busy lady. Potty breaks can be inconvenient. What? Don’t judge. I know you know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, we really shouldn’t be complaining too much right now. We have a trip to Disney World very soon and I would much rather change pull-ups than put her on 14 public toilets every day. Ew. EW. Why are we going to Disney again? I digress…

So do you have any potty training (learning) pointers? This is definitely not a one-size -fits-all process, this I know for sure at this stage in my parenting career.

Also she’s an Aries, which I’m beginning to think may be part of the problem, too. So if you have any Aries-specific toilet training/learning tips, that would be fantastic. Also, good crock pot recipes would be nice. But again, I digress…

2 thoughts on “I will pay you to potty train my child. Kidding. (Not kidding.)

  1. I think it must be something with the second child? Ours was the same exact way and it took forever to get her potty trained! I thought I was going to loose it but I never had it to loose. My only advice is to just bite the bullet, take away the pull ups. Load that child up with drinks all day non stop and keep treats on hand as a reward. Then stay next to the potty for 2-3 days and hopefully she’ll get it. But no one goes to college in diapers so don’t fret.

    1. Yeah, I think we are just going to have to have an all or nothing potty training weekend when we get back from Disney. I’m ready to be done with it but have accepted that the situation will work itself out. Or she’ll be the first to wear diapers to college.

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