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One Thing Leads to Another. And Another. And Another.

I was going to sit down and write last week, but things got busy. I was sure I would have some time on the weekend, but wouldn’t you know, it was even busier than the previous week. I just knew that this morning I would find the time to write, now here it is afternoon and I am just sitting down to do it.

One thing leads to another, doesn’t it?

I’m finding it very difficult to stay afloat in the midst of all these happenings and goings-on that have pooled around me and my life and my family. As I get older and the kids get bigger, there is more and more to do, and the thought of “one day” catching up seems further and further away instead of closer. What I really want to do is be on top of everything and be so well organized that I can finally relax, all while enjoying the moments. These are probably opposing goals. Which is probably why I seem to be not moving. Not progressing. Just paddling my boat in circles, ending up at the same mess and disorganization and chaos at which I started.

Which all leads me to realize that The Steve Miller Band was amazingly wise: “Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping/Into the future…”

Rock and Roll, man. Rock. And. Roll.

We’re with the band.