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Hello again! (+Black Friday comments)

Hello, Blog World – I’m back!

I’m tired of this break business. I like blogging, so I’m going to do it, dammit! Do I have time to blog? {NO!} Do I have anything to blog about? {NOT REALLY!} Am I supposed to be doing something else right now? {MOST LIKELY!} Did that Snickers mini I just ate taste like there was a bug in it? {A LITTLE.}

So. What’s up?

I know this is like the busiest time of year and I have a million other things to do (I’m exaggerating. Of course I don’t literally have a million other things to do. That would be ridiculous. It’s more like a thousand other things.) But whatever. And I guess I did write a few posts about the Eddie Vedder event. So it’s been more of a “break” than a break.

So much nicer than shopping.

But you know what I didn’t do? I didn’t go shopping on Black Friday. You know why? Because I’m not crazy*. If you did, I need you to explain yourself. I mean, I know you have a computer type device because you are reading this. Why would you stand in line with hundreds of other people, who are probably sweaty and grumpy, just to get a deal on something you probably don’t really need? ONLINE SHOPPING, FOLKS. It’s the wave of the future. You know, the future that started like ten years ago.

I really feel like this Black Friday thing has gotten out of hand. The shopping aspect is pretty much canceling out Thanksgiving, and what does that say about us as a society? (HINT: It’s not good.)

Do you have opinions about Black Friday? Are you a crazy person who started shopping at midnight? PLEASE, comment and help me see the other side. Convince me that I, too, should be shopping sooner and in person.

(*I can’t really say for certain if I’m crazy or not)

6 thoughts on “Hello again! (+Black Friday comments)

  1. Ok, let me just say, “I LOVE SHOPPING,” so we differ in that aspect, obviously. So, what I’m about to say should carry even more weight: I hate the idea of Black Friday! – the crowds, trying to be the first in line – just not my gig. And don’t even get me started how now Black Friday starts at 8pm or some other dumb time on Thanksgiving. IT’S NOT EVEN FRIDAY, PEOPLE! I get so fired up that we skip Thanksgiving and go from Halloween to Christmas just like that. Maybe it’s because I have a Thanksgiving birthday, maybe not. I say we enjoy Thanksgiving, and if you want to go shopping on Friday, so be it. I just won’t be doing it with you.

  2. I probably couldn’t convince her either. Although, I once tried to convince her that dogs were cats and cats were dogs. It worked for a little while.

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