Hello again! (+Black Friday comments)

Hello, Blog World – I’m back!

I’m tired of this break business. I like blogging, so I’m going to do it, dammit! Do I have time to blog? {NO!} Do I have anything to blog about? {NOT REALLY!} Am I supposed to be doing something else right now? {MOST LIKELY!} Did that Snickers mini I just ate taste like there was a bug in it? {A LITTLE.}

So. What’s up?

I know this is like the busiest time of year and I have a million other things to do (I’m exaggerating. Of course I don’t literally have a million other things to do. That would be ridiculous. It’s more like a thousand other things.) But whatever. And I guess I did write a few posts about the Eddie Vedder event. So it’s been more of a “break” than a break.

So much nicer than shopping.

But you know what I didn’t do? I didn’t go shopping on Black Friday. You know why? Because I’m not crazy*. If you did, I need you to explain yourself. I mean, I know you have a computer type device because you are reading this. Why would you stand in line with hundreds of other people, who are probably sweaty and grumpy, just to get a deal on something you probably don’t really need? ONLINE SHOPPING, FOLKS. It’s the wave of the future. You know, the future that started like ten years ago.

I really feel like this Black Friday thing has gotten out of hand. The shopping aspect is pretty much canceling out Thanksgiving, and what does that say about us as a society? (HINT: It’s not good.)

Do you have opinions about Black Friday? Are you a crazy person who started shopping at midnight? PLEASE, comment and help me see the other side. Convince me that I, too, should be shopping sooner and in person.

(*I can’t really say for certain if I’m crazy or not)


  1. Ok, let me just say, “I LOVE SHOPPING,” so we differ in that aspect, obviously. So, what I’m about to say should carry even more weight: I hate the idea of Black Friday! – the crowds, trying to be the first in line – just not my gig. And don’t even get me started how now Black Friday starts at 8pm or some other dumb time on Thanksgiving. IT’S NOT EVEN FRIDAY, PEOPLE! I get so fired up that we skip Thanksgiving and go from Halloween to Christmas just like that. Maybe it’s because I have a Thanksgiving birthday, maybe not. I say we enjoy Thanksgiving, and if you want to go shopping on Friday, so be it. I just won’t be doing it with you.

    • OK, so I should have said, “shopping sooner and in person FOR CHRISTMAS” because of course I like shopping for myself (especially with my friends!). Silly me. But not on Black Friday.

  2. I probably couldn’t convince her either. Although, I once tried to convince her that dogs were cats and cats were dogs. It worked for a little while.

  3. I went *hanging my head*