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Eddie Vedder has been taunting me for years.

Like many people my age, I remember the first time I heard Pearl Jam’s album Ten. It was so different and so awesome and so exactly what I needed to hear. Thus began my love affair with Pearl Jam and — of course — with Eddie Vedder.

Pearl Jam’s second album came out my freshman year of college, which was absolutely perfect because I was all about the “grunge”. That album (Vs.) and the soundtrack to the movie Singles were in constant rotation in my dorm room. So that fall when Pearl Jam was going to be in Little Rock (two hours from my college) I was… devastated. I had NO money and I had rehearsal. Because I was a theatre major, I always had rehearsal. Even though that fall I hadn’t declared that as my major yet, I was in a show. So. Even if I would have had the money, I was committed. And a Pearl Jam concert is not a good excuse to miss rehearsal. (By the way, nothing is a good excuse to miss rehearsal in case you were wondering.)

So my college friends and my high school friends all went to the Pearl Jam concert in Little Rock in the fall of 1993 and I went to rehearsal. And I could hardly function because I was so devastated. I can’t say it was the worst thing that had ever happened to me at that point since I was treated for cancer just three years before that, but it sucked pretty hard. And obviously I never got over missing that concert.

I didn’t have the opportunity to see Pearl Jam again until TEN YEARS LATER. (How sorry do you feel for me right now? Just wait.) So finally – FINALLY – Pearl Jam was touring where I lived and I could afford tickets. So off my husband and I went to West Palm Beach in 2003 to see my very favorite band that I had been waiting my whole life to see. But we had jobs, you know, so we couldn’t leave as early as we wanted to. And traffic from Miami to West Palm up I-95 was terrible. And the exit to the amphitheater? Terrible-er. So we were basically at a complete stop as we tried to travel the relatively short distance from the exit to the amphitheater. We were so close we could hear the opening act (yes! that ‘s how late we were at that point). And so we hear basically the whole entire set for the opening act (Sleater Kinney) from our car while we were stuck in the concert traffic. We on the verge of missing the beginning of the concert I had been waiting ten years for. And yeah, they started the first song before we got in. But hey, we were there and they played even after the lights came up and it was awesome.

Pearl Jam concert, April 2003. I borrowed his glasses towards the end because my contacts weren’t quite strong enough to see all the detail I needed to see… because our seats were waaay back at the back. But not the lawn. Never the lawn.
The poster from the show. Framed and displayed in our room.

So OK. I got to see Pearl Jam in concert. But if you are good at math like me, you’ll notice that that was nearly ten years ago!!! Do you know how many times I’ve seen U2 in concert? (six) Do you know how many times I’ve seen Dave Matthews Band? (four) My lack of Pearl Jam concerts is a serious problem in my life. When we lived in the San Francisco area, they were in SF as part of a three day festival called Outside Lands and it absolutely broke my heart (again) that we couldn’t go. But our oldest was three and I was newly pregnant with child #2 and we just couldn’t make it work. (Also at Outside Lands that year? DMB and the Beastie Boys. So sick we couldn’t go.)

And so here I am: twenty years into my Pearl Jam infatuation with only one concert under my belt. They have been touring, but never close to where we lived. And once you have kids, you can’t just take off to some far away city for a concert, especially with no family around to care for your young children for an extended time.

So… imagine my excitement when it was announced that Eddie Vedder was going on tour, and would be in Houston! And imagine my disappointment when, just days before the concert was scheduled in April, it was announced he would have to postpone due to an injury. (insert sound of my heart being trampled here.)

Well, friends: today is the day. Today is the day I have been waiting for (at least!) since tickets went on sale in January of this year. Did I mention that I don’t even know where our seats are because I won a drawing to get special fan club seating? I will pick the tickets up at the Will Call window tonight. If my head doesn’t explode before then.

A remnant from my dorm room decor. Dated October 25, 1993.

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