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Political Rant.

Yes, I made the time to blog — and about politics of all things.

I really enjoy a good, informed, thoughtful political discussion. However those are few and far between these days. To date we have had two national televised debates for the November election, which are the same two that bored me to sleep. Sure there were a few zingers and moments to comment on, but is that what our televised political debates have become: just another version of a reality show, starring elected officials instead of some fame hungry nobodies?

The media and the public only support this turn to reality TV politics. After the Romney/Obama debate, what was everyone talking about? National Security? Women’s Rights? The National Debt? NOPE: Big Bird. Really? Really.

I happen to agree with the point that it seems pretty silly to target the funding to PBS when there are so many actual money wasters in our national budget. Especially as someone who grew up watching PBS, I find this borderline offensive. So naturally I am a huge supporter of PBS myself and have contributed much of my hard earned money to that and Children’s Television Workshop, right? Yes, exactly $0.00 – which I imagine is as much as a lot of those “offended” by firing Big Bird have contributed.

And what of the VP debate? So far the news is that Biden is a smartass and Ryan was thirsty. Well, that’s going to change lives right there.

Even if the debates are and will be more of the same and used as an opportunity to pander to whichever group to get whatever vote, we the people can thoughtfully discuss political points on our own time. In this age of social media there are so many opportunities to interact with our friends from all over and really engage in the issues. Which I’m sure is why people are “unfriending” and “unfollowing” each other left and right (pun intended). Because people aren’t informed on the issues, they resort to hateful, ignorant attacks against the side they “disagree” with. (TIP: Posting rude and/or hateful things on Facebook is not the same as being passionate and informed about political issues. It’s just being an ass.)

So what is the role of politics in our society? To be clear, this is not the same question as “What is the role of government in our society?” Discussing to what degree government should be involved with this or that is absolutely a valid and necessary topic, but the role of government is not my gripe. My gripe, my concern, is that the political system is ruining all of the good things about this country for which generations before us fought so passionately. And we are allowing this to happen.

So maybe we aren’t the ones we’ve been waiting for.