Halloween is eww.

We have a saying in my house. Well, it’s actually just a thing that I say so now my six year old does, too. It’s when things are gross I say that they’re “eww” — as in “Don’t touch that, it’s eww.”

Right. OK. Whatever. I’m weird. Fine.

But Halloween is eww. It’s sooo eww. Wanna know why?

Candy. No, not me, the other stuff. The stuff with all the sugar. I’m addicted to sugar. I have no will power at all when there is a lot of sugary candy around. So you know how it all makes me feel? That’s right: eww.

Which obviously is why I bought this bag of candy corn today (my first of the season, for the record):

Why. Why? I was nearly out of Target with NO sugar in my little basket. Zero. I had done so well. But it was just sitting there. And the guy in front of me was lollygagging. So. Eww. 
If it makes you feel any better I did run this morning. Well, run/walk. A whole 3 miles. But that bag of candy corn, plus all my kids’ candy that they are going to get Trick or Treating (which, c’mon, is really just “Treating”) that I’m not going to let them have (because sugar, duh) that I’m going to eat (because sugar, duh) is still going to make me feel very, very eww.
I understand that I have a problem. We can discuss it after Halloween. But we should probably talk about it before Easter.